Let's Be Pen Pals

Dear Interent,

Mary Robinette Kowal  (on whom I have a bit of a fangirl crush), came up with an idea of writing and sending a letter every day in the month of February. She explains it a bit more here.


I stumbled on this last year and I think it was a bit too late in the game to start, but knew that I wanted to do it in 2013. I started warming up in the late fall by sending random post cards and letters to various friends around the world.
Many of you already know how much I love office supplies (and stationery), so I took inventory before Jan 1 so I could squeak in under my imposed deadline if I needed to buy any paper goods. This decision turned out to be a good thing since some of my paper stock, having traveled with me through many many moves, was not in the greatest of shape. In addition to assessing my paper stock, the warm up also illustrated I was/is a pretty verbose letter writer, so when looking for paper I knew stationery sets (which tend to be two pieces of paper for every one envelope) would not work out for me, neither would simple note cards. I ended up at Kate’s Paperie, where I could buy paper by the sheets. I will not be constrained by any medium!
Now pens, pens are my (one of many) first love. For the holidays, TheHusband bought me an Allegory fountain pen from their Kickstarter, which is probably one of the best presents I have gotten in a long time.  Today while playing with the pen, I ended up with ink all over my hands and face, which TheHusband then witted I should be wearing Flintstone underpants and having chocolate smeared all over my face. Since we thought the pen was dry (turns out we were wrong), I broke the buying fast to pick up fountain pen cartridge refills. Now, this wouldn’t be so bad because I could argue that it was something I needed to replace (as the original was thought to be dried out), but I ended up picking up five  packs in varying colors.
If you want a letter/postcard from me, you can participate in the following ways:

  • Add your address to my Postable, which is free and secure. This keeps them all in one place for me.
  • Friend me on Letters of the Month, my address is my profile.
  • Contact me through my website
  • You can post a comment here on the blog if you don’t mind your address being viewed by the world
  • You can also contact me via Twitter, or any other social network we may be friends on to send me a private message.

Here’s to the written word! Literally.
P.S. I decided that every letter that I send will include a trading card that will hold snippets of a short story. As people get the letters, I want them to register the card with me so I will reveal that card to the world. At the end of the month, all cards will be revealed, making the story whole.