Reviews: Books: Break, break of dawn

I’m taking advantage of the “post in the future” feature on WordPress. When this posts at 12:01 A.M. on August 2, I’ll be at $corporate_bookstore flinging copies of the fourth and (hopefully) final book of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series into the (overly) eager hands of her “fans.” And I use that term loosely.
Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, Meyer’s series is being touted to become “the next Harry Potter.” Where as in HP you had this fantastical world that was built upon mythology, legend, and folklore that essentially breaks down to good versus evil, in Twilight, it is a convoluted twist on the trusty Romeo and Juliet story, and like HP, is made contemporary. Other than the plot and storylines being radically different, there are also two very important slight differences between HP and Twilight: Twilight has enough sexual tensions, longing, desire and drama to cater to every 15 year old teenage girl’s inner sanctum in their heart of hearts (HP has the teenage angst of first love in the later books but it’s damned near chaste and virginal compared to the apparent “searing” heat in Twilight) and secondly, Twilight is so poorly written that it makes HP look like high brow literature.
But I’m getting ahead of myself here.
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harry potter strikes again

in the space of two weeks, i finished the first three harry potter books. but of course if you checked alt.stuff and clicked on reading list, you would see this already. so go check out and make fun of my damn tastes. but don’t make fun unless you plan on telling me what you THINK i should read.
and i don’t give a fuck what anyone says, those harry potter books are damn scary! i had nightmares the other night after reading a particular scary scene. the problem i had/have with the books is that i can’t see how they are written for “kids 9-12”. i mean, they aren’t certainly adult books, but i dunno. paul was reading over my shoulder one night and he was like “this is for kids right?” and i grunted “mhm” and he couldn’t see how kids wouldn’t be freaked out by it. fuck, i’m 28 and some of the things Rowling wrote scared ME and i used to be the horror queen.
i do love the books but damn they are addictive. i stayed up till 2am to finish book 3 last night and paul found book 4 in pdf format (but i’ll probably go purchase it anyways). and i’m highly recommending it to all my non-reading friends because well fuck, the books are fun to read. and i’m so fucking tired of all these whiny, late 20something women books that i’ve been finding in the “just published!” section at BnN. it seems that every book i’ve been picking up lately has to do with some woman in her late 20s having a midlife crisis.
go figure.
also, i finally put away all the cds i had piled in a 100 cd-case from the cross country trip (nearly a year ago — geez how time flies). my desk is clean again and i also updated the list of cds and will probably be buying more this weekend. again, now that the radio in my car is fixed, i am sure that i’ll probably go back on a spending spree with cds again.
so, as i’ve talked about in the past, my father has set up a trust fund for me. it’s not much (at least in terms of USD) but it’s considerable and the lawyer offered to pay for my plane tickets and hotel stay and stuff when I was in Toronto, which equaled to some nice change. The lawyer calls me earlier this week and tells me that the probate has gone through and i can get that reiumbusement this week and it’ll be wired into my account. i was feeling a tad relieved because an unexpected bill came up and we were short for rent due on the fifth. by the conversation i had with the lawyer, i would have it friday at the latest.
so thrusday night (last night, whatever); i’m leaving work and i hear this loud squeaking noise. i start freaking out and brake hard a few times and the brakes feel really really soft — and so i drove, very very carefully home. i’m bummed out. depressed. the money isn’t in yet. rent is due. i don’t get paid for another week and we don’t have any money for gas or anything “extra” that might come up.
i make up my mind that rent will be late and that my car is more important. so i get up fucking god-awful early friday morning (this morning– err yah) after crashing out for only 3 hours after finishing mr potter. i stumble into the server room and check citibank (sometimes they are very good at what they do) and see that my account is suddenly flush. i dance around in joy at 7am and take my car in to get fixed.
So now i’m over 1k poorer: 700 for the car, 350 to my mom, 100 to brian (pauls brother — he pitched in cash for some stuff and i paid him back. i told him he should use his money for crap for HIM), 150 to my brother to fix his car (again).
The funny thing was, when I was at Satryn of Fairfax and intialing my life away to get a rental car, they required a cc. I said “I’m planning on pay by check and is that going to be a problem?” and they said no, this is just in case and we won’t charge anything against the card. So i find a card that has some money on it, give it to them and no less than an hour later, i get a phone call from Enterprise telling me i have to come up with 250 cash deposit or else another credit card. So i call another one of my cards and realised since i made good on payments try to get an emergancy limit increase of a min of 500. Because my brother is primary owner of the card, they required him to call — so I call my brother who calls the company and they will let him know “in a few days” if the increase went through or not. Even though my brother had stressed the importance of the reason WHY we were requesting the increase.
Call Satryn of Fairfax and my car will be ready tomorrow (Saturday — uh yah) and call Enterprise back and since the car rental is less than 24 hours, i don’t have to have the deposit.
i just thought it was funny with the credit card companies personally.
So I’m sending my mother money because she had emergancy surgrey on Monday and didn’t notify me about it. Jeff was out of town for basketball and he tells me late last night/this morning that she is out of commission for three weeks and the company she is working for changed her normal 90 day waiting period to 150 and so she has no health care benefits OR pay. ugh.
i told jeff that he better start taking better care of her because i do not plan on having two parental funerals this year.
this week has been weird with all these little things coming up. brian is still staying with us and now that we have money again we are finally going to go do stuff in the area before their parents come up in two weeks — whom i meet for the very first time. the funny thing is that since i’ve been living with paul for nearly a year (yah time does fucking fly) i’m not the least bit nervous. probably because i’ve got the sullivan brothers wrapped around my pinky fingers.
“lisa is a very well liked bitch at uunet” — our friend derrick (not moe) at dinner tonight.
this week has been strange. strange because i came up with an idea the other night from reading mightywords about publishing some of my older stuff — however i don’t have anything really “large” to contribute other than some of the older stuff like downpour on my soul which was over 20 pages when it was first contrived. so i re-read it for the very first time in quite some time (over a few years at least). and then i got depressed and then i had to go searching for andrew again.
and i found him.
he’s so easy.
and i decided in the same time frame to start cleaning out my harddrive and MY GOD, how much shit i have written and forgotten about it. just shoved away for the “rainy day” to finish and never did.
now i have something productive i want to do.
i had such a incredible response to the entry i posed a few days back “Open Letter to MTV Execs” that i got persuaded (like it’s really hard to persuade me) to send the letter to MTV. I rewrote it and cleaned it up before i sent it.
Of course I never heard anything back.