Tips on being Canadian

Dear Internet,
Today I have been spikier than usual, which could be attributed to checking work email while on holiday break or bloodwolves circling the wagons, or something else along those lines. Whatever the underlying case may be, sometimes you just need a good reminder to know that beaver is a truly proud and noble animal.


This day in Lisa-universe:

realised that many of you had not known I am canadian, by birth. i was born in Toronto and have lived and gone to school there. So my comment about whether or not canadia is a country (credit to panicsyndrome) country was me being facetious. But if you are like darthmoo, you’d want to build a bridge and give Connitcut back to it’s motherland.
We did not go to Canadia.
My brother, mother and one of my aunts and myself were eating at a chinese buffet (in which said aunt called us at 9:30am that morning and told me that a: that was where we were going and b: i was driving and to pick her up promptly at 6 and c: having a discussion about my predicament.
As stated, I was born in Canadia, to an American and Canadian parents. By my mother, I am a naturalized American citizen. By my birth and by my father, I am Canadian. Both countries see me as being a citizen. I cannot, however, cross the border or the leave North America due to:

  • I lost my naturalization papers
  • I do not have a passport for either country.

When I went to my fathers funeral in May 2000, getting into the country was no problem, leaving (and this is prior to 9/11 btw) was a bitch. I was detained by INS/Customs at Toronto Pearson’s airport for nearly 3 hours because I claimed American citizenship and handed them a Canadian birth certificate.
Apparently, crossing the Blue Water Bridge these days requires much thought (even to just go to the Casino – hah) and when I simply stated that by having my own mother with me would help me and my OWN MOTHER said “Sorry, I can’t do that. Like they would believe me?”
So both INS and Province of Ontario have cashed their respective checks and I should be getting paperwork to get my passports together. yay.