all saints day

my grandmother, bernice preiss, died 26 years ago today. please observe a moment of silence for this remarkable woman.
i’ve spent about 6 hours today watching movies, four of which were spent watching Gone With The Wind. The irony of this is that after I read Atlas Shrugged, i started pinpointing the plot similarities between GWTW and AS. I’ve talked and talked about this previously before, and everyone thinks i’m being on crack. But trust me, read GWTW and AS, and tell me that Ayn Rand stole quite a bit from Margaret Mitchell. Michael said that Rand admired Mitchell. I guess it is true, imitation is the best form of flattery.
i’m having intense issues.
i feel fat, just got the pictures back from all the previous parties as well as our trips, and i look HORRENDOUS. so it’s weight issues, and love issues. justin is getting on my last nerve. basically everyone is getting on my nerves. my stomach hurts, and i’ve got a zit, and i feel like crap.
i don’t feel like talking much, so i’m not.