tainted love

the love we shared
seems to go nowhere

once i ran to you.
now i run from you.
several weeks ago I was reading an issue of Time while I was at the grocery store. I thought that particular issue seemed interesting and purchased it.
The reason that I found it to be amusing was simply (or complexly) based on the fact that there was a side bar about Monica Lewinsky and they (the reporter) had tied in the words to the song “Tainted Love” in with the article.
While Monica is only a year younger than I (she is 25), I found myself appalled that the writer (who is most likely around our age as well) used that song to describe how Monica is getting on with her life. While the song is very poignant to her situation (relations), to me it symbolized my life as a kid growing up in the 80s. I danced to that song at various clubs, sang it out loud with my friends, crooned to BFs, and every single time I hear that song no matter where I am at, I always start dancing.
Now, that image of using it symbolically for Monica’s life has taken that away.
I can’t be angry — I’m sure. Many songs I’ve grown up with have now become the fodder for the “take back the 80’s” clubs. Servers make a living off of popularizing my childhood. It’s sickening, but we all know that the popularizing of the 60’s and the 70’s, the 80’s weren’t to far behind. It is going to be interesting how they will approach the 90s.
I’m guessing the symbolically (I’ll be down on my knees, screaming take me! take me! I’m yours. I’ve never felt so out of control) they will have games and like with popularizing the generated angst of the early 90’s, piercing stations and places to order tattoo’s by mail. songs that i grew up with end of high school/early college will become commercials and I’ll start fainting at the thought of being 30.
but back to the Monica deal.
On Wednesday, I sat there watching the interview with Barbra Walters, and thought about the drinking game someone had sent me via email that day. For once I wish I would have saved that particular forward. (I love the fact that you can order Chinese to have delivered to your house and whip out your check debit card to pay for it. ain’t life grand?)
I was amused at Monica, but it seemed so obvious to me that she was still protecting “Handsome”. I couldn’t understand, or even begin to understand WHY people find themselves attracted in May-December relationships. I’m not saying that they don’t work, however, I am saying that they tend to be more complications than they are worth. ‘Scuse me for being confused about love, but I’ve always thought that it was _more_ than just feeling. But I’m not Monica, and obviously her wants and needs aren’t my own.
While I was at Mr.Showbiz, they had a poll on what was going to happen to Monica in the future. The most popular option was “Spokesperson for Weight Watchers”. I started laughing at how ironic that is! See, to me, a lot of people seem to me to be so damn politically correct and yet at the FIRST opportunity to slam someone without feelings of guilt or retribution, they will. People make me so sick sometimes.
I bought Monica’s Story. Paul says it’s against the FFFF charter. Every time I take a look at his picture, I want to slap some ChapStick on his lips.