kava kava

Has anyone here tried kava kava for anxiety?
I’ve been on lithium, buspar, effexor, zoloft, paxil, prozac, serzone, klonopin, valium, wellabutrine and wellabutrin sr to name but a few and NONE worked (yes most are for anti-depressants than anxiety, I realise this).
I refuse to go back on prescription drugs … so any thoughts on kava kava?

sleepy bye bye

you’ll notice a few things: new layout and new design. found some older writings that i had written some time ago on various subjects. you can check them out on the archive page, under “misc.”
ooka thought it would be cute if i was a coderbuff chick. tomorrow (or is it today?) i will be the featured coderbuff girl. check “Open Knightly” for the series.
i’ve also started a mailing list where the topic of discussion will be, me! of course, what else did you think we would talk about? sign up at egroups, sign up on the mailing list and email the list talking about: ME.
i’m fucking tired.
damn paxil.