Will Rome fall to their lustful excesses?

Sorry, great quote on the hitler channel.
Here is a question (and really it is about no one in particular. really! I mean it!):
All my life people have told me they were attracted to me due to my “strong personality” (whatever that means). And that has been described from everything from being manipulative, to aggressive, to assertive, to being blunt and forthright. Yet on the other hand, if a strong personality needs “help”, usually people are kind of — frightened about helping. Maybe they think that said person (not necessarily me) will bounce right back or they can’t approach said person (which has been said to me too often when I needed emotional support, that I was “unapproachable”). Then there are the ‘weak’ people, the ones who can’t seem to get their shit together and come off as these totally almost helpless and subservient and I watch people flock to these creatures and the irony of that is that I know that this is an act. The whole helpless woah is me I can’t do jack or shit is — an act. And honestly, it’s not any ONE person but dozens of people through my travels that I met that are like that. And when I call them on the act or when I tell someone secondary it’s an act, I’m called a bitch and many unpleasant things. These are the people who turn a simple cold into a five-day sick fest. Why is it that the ones that ‘act’ are the ones who get all the glory and the ones who are true do not? People used to say that they liked me better when I would act more like a dainty flower and personally, I wanted to gouge my own eyes out.
I don’t get “the act”. I’ve left too many people like that in VA, SF and originally in MI and it’s like, this pattern that keeps repeating itself. I literally get sickened when I come across it because I want to shake these idiots.
And don’t speak to me about Karma. I’ll pop a Buddhist cap in your ass. I may have gotten a C- in theology, but don’t forget I rocked the final.