the fun never stops

so I’ve been losing weight and a few of my pants are hanging kind of low. because I have huge hips, belts look retarded and is not worth wearing because I do not have a waist and finding a normal belt to wear around the upper part of my hips is like asking for a chicken to give birth to a duck.
with that in mind, I’ve known about how baggy my pants are so I’ve been making sure of wearing long shirts/cardigans and basically making sure that my underwear is not hanging out. well apparently my efforts have have not been working because I got pulled outside to have a meeting with my manager today. Apparently the director of my department walked by my cube and saw that I was wearing leopard print undies — and that I should have a talking to. At first I was stunned and then I started laughing. because you know, it is hilarious. But what got me angry (not like pissed, just, angry) was that they bitched about a short skirt I own that apparently rides up my thighs. First off, I do sit properly when wearing a skirt. Secondly that skirt goes down to my knees. Thirdly, the only time I sit with my legs open is when I’m facing the wall in my cube. Fourthly, I have not worn that skirt in over four months! Fifthly, I have worn that skirt to work for nearly 2 years.
gah. there is a guy here who constantly wears sweat pants and has a major plumbers butt — I mean, it’s down right gross. Apparently they are talking to him too. We shall see, oh yes we will.