The lamb being lead to the slaughter: Miguel Part II

He just left about 1/2 hour ago
Btw, this was *our* song — how cheesy! Anyways, I was getting tattooed tonight when my phone rang — and it was Miguel. HAH!
I was lying on my stomach and apparently giggling so much that darkdepths and Pip kept smacking me to stay still. heh.
He just left about 1/2 hour ago — after hanging out at my pad for a good portion of the night.
What do you say after 10 years? A lot? Nothing?
Catch up on old times? He looked virtually the same. I kept calling him grandpa since he turns 32 next month. His hair was longer like in a pony tail longer. He’s got this curly ass hair and I’ve always seen him with short hair. That was weird. His voice changed too — much like Josh’s did when I saw him earlier this year. Apparently I sound exactly the same. Not only am I not getting old, my voice hasn’t changed either.
I kept wanting to touch him, to make sure he was real. I didn’t. I don’t know why I didn’t, I just didn’t.
I dunno. I could still feel that pull — it was weird. I was already making a checklist of things that had not changed and things that had changed. It was weird.
Honestly? He was the only person I was worried who I would run into with the tattoos and the piercings — because he was one of the few who had a huge impact in my life. He was down with it — haha. Especially the buttercups. Turns out he’s a huge Powerpuff Girl fan. Who knew? 🙂
My brother was pushing me to hook up because my brother was impressed. Miguel drives a ’00 Audi TT fully loaded. Has his own business, essentially is doing very well. He thought the letter was a joke — at first — and said it made his year 🙂 Said he had been looking for me and didn’t think to try the Internet (heh! What a surprise that would have been — Lisa — naked!) I quipped to him tonight that up on the website is things he’s already seen – heh. Been thinking about me a lot.
We might be doing dinner tomorrow night. He owns two motorcycles and we might go for a ride next weekend. 🙂 I’m not thinking anything other than friendship, there are a lot of things about him that i don’t think I could deal with. A lot of things that I alluded to darkdepths and of which I can’t talk about here or anywhere. Not baggage just — a lot of stuff. I see the big picture and while he was the man who lived with his passport in his back pocket, I just don’t know.
Horoscope for October 19:
You’re radiant today, and glowing with happiness! This is a refreshing change, after the gloom and doom of the past few weeks. Apparently, the decisions you made worked out for the best. Or, even better, perhaps you’re in love? In any case, lisa, it will be even easier than usual for you to communicate with others and share your joy. Let the good times roll!
A lot to take in.
Too much I think.

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