the teamharpy lawsuit has been settled out of court.

Edit: Reposted to correct a few issues
This is the only time I will discuss this, ever, publicly. You may, as long as you attribute it to me, cut/paste this to whatever to pass on the full scoop for those asking.
The ‪#‎teamharpy‬ lawsuit has settled out of court. There was no trial. The apologies/tweets were part of that settlement. No damages were paid out to the plaintiff. We should have the dismissal from the courts any day now, then it is officially over.  If you wish to read the documents on the whole case, I would recommend you contact the civil court in Toronto, ON to read them for I will not provide them for you.
Myself, and I assume everyone involved, want to move on. Please respect that wish.
And thank you to everyone who supported us; we appreciate it more than you could ever know.