things i never knew i needed

Sam and i were talking the other day about home- based shit, when i started bitching about how the sheets from Ikea suck major ass, but because they were the exact shade red i wanted, i wasn’t going to give them up. You see, when she and I had gone Ikea shopping a few weeks back, i had purchased a brand new duvet, comforter and sheets in dark blue plaid with the sheets being red. The sheets, designed for queen sized bed which by the way I do have, have. not. stayed. on. one. single. night.
i dunno how hard it is to make sheets that fit, but i was unwilling to change them for something that didn’t match and was dealing with waking up laying on the bare mattress every morning. Sam, the smart girl that she is, pointed out that they have this thing at Bed,Bath and Beyond that keeps sheets in place. BUT wait, there is more! Not only did i get the sheet snugs, but i also ordered the comforter clips AND the bedskirt pins.
My life is now truly complete.
I had no idea that i was missing these great inventions until Sam pointed them out and i rushed right to the online stores to buy them. So imagine to my even great surprise when I get home today to find out that all my goodies had arrived.
And this is how i spent my Friday night — screwing in bedskirt screws and wrestling with the bed snugs to make sure those cheap ass Ikea sheets stay put.
Being domesticated kills me.