trout fishing in america

les jared was an old friend of mine from college.
les and i formed an unlikely friendship while we were both working on the Collegiate, our college newspaper. We had so many things in common as well as both being whacked out by THE MAN.
Once we had left college, Les went on to work for GR Press (local rag) doing freelance work and I moved to SF. In the past, Les and I had both talked about moving to New York and settling in some walk-up flat in Greenwich Village and working our asses towards working for The Voice. This never occurred, obviously.
Les and I also had this very low-key sexual attraction going on. I found out later that he had this big crush on me — which I had not known about — but I had decided not to play against it as we were so close as friends. The really funny thing was that once I had found out I was leaving, I also found out that Les had met a girl. He told me all about her — she was just like me.
He was in love and I was happy for him and we promised to keep in touch — but I never heard from him again.
It’s been over two years now and looking back within the last year the wonderance of what happened to Les Jared has been bothering me. My impression was that he and the girly girl were moving in together and were talking about marriage. When I was last back in GR, I had asked my friend Adam to do some searching for me and see what’s going on. I gave Adam the information I had and Adam couldn’t find anything having to do with Les at all. I eventually gave up and figured this was another person who had gotten into the void.

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