Two week proprietary rights

The final paper due for tomorrow? At 9:30 am? I’m starting right now. It’s Midnight and 23 minutes and the paper is due in about nine hours. Reasons for delaying the start? I took today off to chill, clean up my much messy desk and get shit together. Tuesday and Wednesday and Thrusday will be hell. Friday night I plan on drinking somewhere until I’m comatose. Get up early Saturday morning and head to the eye doctors, pick my brother up and then head to Moms for the weekend. Come back Sunday, study for finals that will take place all next week, and leave Friday May 7 for Denver.
Yah, I’m going to Denver.
Thought I’d get that bit out of the way, you see. I’ve already told a few of my dearest and closest friends and I’ve already been warned about being beaten to death by flipflops and what not. YES I KNOW. Don’t need to psychoanalyze me. I realise etc ad nasuam.
I called NWA today to cancel my flight and found out the ticket is non-transferable and non-refundable. If I cancel, I lose out on half the ticket cost due to cancellation fees and change of ticket costs for another flight to another destination. My original plan was to transfer the credit to kethryvis for when she comes in August but that wasn’t possible. I called Patrick up to see what he wanted to do and I broached the idea of me still flying out there. He told me it was up to me and I could choose on what I wanted to do. I opted to go.
I had told kethryvis the idea of flying to Denver made my skin crawl a few days ago and now I’m looking at it like a vacation. Suddenly all this tension I felt about my relationship with Patrick is gone since I broke it off and perhaps it would be different because there are no expectations.
I spoke to Patrick today later on in the evening on his way to a strip club. Turns out one of his friends called him in need to come buy drinks as she is just beginning to bartend and he is going with a group of others. He told me that he went and got metrosexualized today and the hairdresser who works on him was complaining about me. Apparently she thought I was a bitch and etc ad nasuam because all I did was sit in the chair and giggle at him with bleach in his hair sitting under a mister hat. ???? Because, apparently, I wasn’t little miss chatty to HER. Er, love the logic there. He told her we were no longer together and she started hitting on him, hell she was hitting on him when I was right there. I don’t get women. Never have, never will.
Because I am flighty flighty Lisa and if you haven’t figured this out yet, then you are obviously not paying attention.
Agreed? Agreed.