unable to locate the installation log file

the beautiful thing about my job, is that i can multitask. which means i can work on a laptop that i use for the Internet 101 class, and work on my web pages at the same time.
There has been several times, that I have been asked to do something, and I have made some trite comment about how I can’t do that because I don’t have enough time. My managers have always scoffed and replied with something such as “yeah, right. you are the queen of multitasking.”
(windows is now restarting)
it’s been lovely, because when i was moved to the NOC (network operations center), they had run out of ethernet ports, and so sonya and I got our own hub. so i just found an rj45 cable and plugged her in baby. i want a laptop so bad. maybe if I’m good, santa clause will bring me one for Xmas.
don said that there must be something in the water. last night i got an email from jo stating that I owed slip.net (aka, the fucking place where I work) $96.25 to them for services. I got upset and shot off an email back to her stating that this issue was taken care of back in August, and that I was paid up to date with it. She wrote back and said no, that wasn’t true, and this is why: a detailed email included. I got up and walked the big 50 feet to her desk and said “I’m NOT paying blah blah blah.” and it resulted with her threatening to shut my account down (oh yeah right. let’s get real here for a second folks. The minute she put my account on hold, I would have automatically turned it back on). So Don talks to her, and it gets all straightened out, and everything is peachy once more. heh. like i knew it would be.
everyone has been really bitchy lately. hrm.
shirley came and grabbed me when we got back from lunch, and wanted me to put together a set of tables that twinkletoes ordered for the receptionist area. ripping apart the boxes, found two of the most god awful ugliest tables that i have ever seen. people came from all over the office to gawk, they were that bad. they were this art-deco laminated on top of plywood (which was painted black), and had odd shaped legs. The kicker was that the legs were screwed into the table with large wooden knobs, and on top of the knobs stood a glass partition. i can’t even find the words to describe how awful this is. i love gawdy, but this is just in plain bad taste.
the tables wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the fact that twinkletoes went and purchased red leather chairs to match the stupid bouncing balls in our logo. our reception area looks like a bordello. heh.
shirley offered compensation for pulling me away, but i told her i was saving my powers for good and that i would collect later.
don is right. something is in the water. daniel and i just got into a little tiff. i need a stiff drink and bad.
don’t you want me baby
so the Internet 101 class went fairly well. We had about 10 people show up, and with different degrees of Internet savvy (from not knowing about a browser is to high end stuff) it was pretty chaotic.
justin came and monitored my class and told me what i should do in the future. i spent today planning the class and reworking it as well as cleaning out the old lap top (486/66 with 16MB of ram) to get it functioning properly. His critique helped in many ways, and it also begged the issue of whether or not we should offer two classes: one for beginners and one for intermediate people. this is something i’m going to speak with don about tomorrow.
but what was amusing, was that sonya and darryl hung out after work. they had planned on going to the gym, but never made it. so sonya comes in and starts monitoring the class, and i knew why:
hottie in the room!
he was flirting with me (i think that by me saying ‘this is my roommate’ (referring to justin) didn’t fool anyone) and asked her out.
damn was he hot!
darryl chided us both saying that we were so shallow for not asking his name, but, heh. erm. it wasn’t deep conversation that we were thinking about that required us to ask his name. heh. okay, that is shallow, but i was upset when we left because i -wanted- him to ask me out, and he didn’t. i wanted the pleasure of saying ‘no’. and that didn’t happen.
i can be so shallow sometimes.

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