Valentines Day crap (Patrick-Free post)

Patrick can’t see these posts. If you don’t want on this filter, let me know. I also cleaned up some filters so many of you may not have been able to see some locked posts, should now.
To answer the question of many, Paul now knows about Patrick. I called Paul up yesterday and told him on the phone. He said “Cool, I’m happy for you. I’m playing games. *CLICK*” So fuck it, if he can’t deal, he can go fuck himself.
ANYWAY, Patrick is a network architech. He owns his own business and also does consluting work for others making nine trillion dollars a year. Yah, it’s that bad. We were having dinner on friday night and he found out I had never been off of US soil, and said “lets fly to london on sunday for dinner.” “London, England?” “Yes.” He could, apparently get me a passport overnight and book a flight. His dad was CIA. That’s all I can say about his family. Anyways, what this has to do with the price of tea in china is that I have been begging him to come to GR for V-Day. Due to work constraints, he has NO idea if he’s going to be able to make it or not. I won’t be able to come out to Denver until our spring break, in March. So, here is what I’m planning on doing for V-Day, if he can come out.
I just booked a room at GR’s *only* luxury hotel, the Amway Grand for Saturday night. I swapped out the house sparkling for Moet, ordered extra pillows and gourmet chocolate dipped strawberries. I can cancel this up to reservation time at 4pm if he can’t make it out here. I’m also thinking about booking a hottub for the night at a local place that does outdoor hottubs.
If he makes it out here, I plan on blindfolding him and driving him to the hottub place. Get naked outside while it snows (it ALWAYS snows on V-Day) and then blindfold him again and take him to the hotel. Champagne to be delivered after we arrive. Does this sound like a good idea or not? If he can’t make it out here, I need to come up with something else.
Any ideas?