we make party

I’ve been up for the last few hours, having gone to bed early last night (on a Friday night, i know, I’m silly) preparing for tonight. We have invited nearly 30 people over to our “housewarming” party in which I can hope to get drunk, make mad passes at paul and then conk out sometime around 4am with a bottle of vodka in my hand.
the prep work for the party hasn’t been that hard. as usual, since we do not drink beer, i did specifically say that if you want to drink beer, to bring your own however that paul and i would be serving liquor to anyone who wants it. Brendan and Sam are driving down from joisy today to come see us (and meet me since brendan and paul used to live together) and I’ve invited most of the people we felt close to in the local area.
paul and i must both say we’ve been pretty disgruntled since coming to NoVa, while we’ve made some good friends, he has intoned on several occasions that the whole project of novageeks has failed. why? simply because we have over 50 people subscribed to the mailing list and it seems that the only time we ever do anything with any of the participants is when paul/I plan said outing. Whether it’s going to DC to see things, throw a party or going bowling, it’s seems that geeks will only do something if someone else initiates it.
Paul (and myself unfortunately) have gotten very frustrated with this as we’ve thrown dinners for major holidays (Easter and Thanksgiving), spent probably close to thousands on drink and food with nary a return or a thanks on the whole. which, you know, is very rude.
paul was pretty adamant that we were NOT going to throw a housewarming party. which is fine, but it had been so long since we’ve thrown any sort of party and it’s been so long since I’ve been TO a party, that i said fuck it, and decided to throw together one.
the irony is how many people are coming as compared to previously as well as to how many people are looking forward to it. Our apartment is more spacious now that we can have more people sitting comfortably (however, i had to intone several times about us having dogs and the simple fact that they shed. this however, did not seem to deter anyone from wanting to come) and having a good time.