Yet another comes over to the darkside

Spent most of the day talking to Derrick and finally convinced him to get a lj – grimmweak. I already tipped him off to most of the UU people, spread the word.
He also reminded me about:
LGJ and LGL — points to UU folk who can get this.
We have a hot date this weekend. Yay! I’m heading to Detroit this weekend and seeing him and darkdepths, and hopefully hitting City Club Saturday night. Patrick also bounced there, either before or after monkey_daddy and grimmweak did. Don’t know how this always works out, how I manage to date people who someone knew other people I either worked with, knew or dated before.
We spent a good portion of the night talking, okay about 12 hours give or take, not including a phone call earlier today.
I’m glad I drove down to K-Zoo to see both Lenny and Derrick 🙂
He said the first thing he wants to do when I get there is hold hands.
Which I thought was terribly sweet. 🙂
I’m knackered.