s is just me, or does anyone else notice that most american top 40 radio stations are called “Z104!” or “THE EDGE 107.9!” or some bullshit? I swear to god, what the hell is our public listening to these days? It helps that my damn car radio has been on the fritz for the last four months and I have been listening to stuff recommended to me or to cds that I have bought (Luna has been spinning nicely in my player for the last week — the do a really neat rendition of ‘sweet child of mine’ by GnR). So tonight, sans Paul I turned on the radio to find out the choices I have are incredibly limited (it’s fourth of july for godsakes). I can either hear the Metallica concert (beer good — Napster bad) on the “alternative” station or I can listen to Z104! to their “greatest hits” which consisted of bad dance remixes of TLC and Britney. But I like Britney, so I sing along. And then I hear that stupid song “can you take me higher” by that lame band that was hot for a minute and then dropped just as fast due to all their lyrics sounds the same. I swear, the line “can you take me higher, to that place with golden streams” makes me think of someone getting a golden shower. or something.
anyways, through my solo ride cross country (yes, i drove cross country alone, i am COOL), it was the same deal. I remember thinking that I have 100 CDs (which I got bored with by the time i had gotten to Texas) and opportunities galore on the radio stations and ALL THE MUSIC sounded the same. It was unnerving. The only thing that seemingly amused me was that a radio station in Dallas was giving away a Mercedes. Only in Texas!