Phoenix, AZ

miles today: 495.7 miles total: 720.5 states driven through: CA and AZ Greetings from Phoenix, Arizona!! It’s approximently 10:13pm and I’ve been sitting in my hotel room for about an hour ircing. Stupid Slip.Net only listed the ISDN access numbers for Phoenix NOT analog lines. I had to dial into SF, wait 10 minutes (literally)Continue reading “Phoenix, AZ”

I don’t feel right, I’ve got a crack in my heart

“You know Lisa, when you do something, people think it’s cute. When I do the same thing, people ignore me.” – Paul Paul and I have been having this on-going “disagreement” on who started what and when and how. Simple euphemisms and mannerisms have become intertwined no one can remember who is a lisa-ism andContinue reading “I don’t feel right, I’ve got a crack in my heart”