Happy Svein Forkbeard Day!

Wednesday wishes you many happy returns

Dear Internet,

On this day a millennia ago, Svein Forkbeard was declared king of England. Because you have to love a name like Forkbeard, and Vikings, we’ve decided to start celebrating December 25th as Svein Forkbeard Day. Because – why not?

We did things half-assed backwards this year — presents were opened over the course of weeks and the rest of the loot this morning, even though the tree had not even been dragged up and put out. TheHusband was extra good to me this year: I scored a new pair of Tieks, a new winter jacket, new earrings, lipgloss, a bluetooth keyboard that will double with my iPad and MacBook Air, and the new Zelda game for my DS3. The best gift was the milk frother I had added to my list at the last minute, which showed up in time for unwrapping and which I am totally in love with. TheHusband received a new bag from Rickshaw, new Pumas, tshirts, socks, a new Harmony remote, fancy bluetooth mouse, and some kind of special router so he can do some dev work.

After the presents were unwrapped, oohs and ahhs were allotted, I put the tree up while TheHusband started on today’s dinner.

Holiday tree, 2013

A few years ago, I asked the Internet to trim our tree and the Internet did not disappoint! Almost every ornament on the tree came from someone across the globe and I love them for it. What makes this tree even more special is the how many of those who shipped us ornaments knew our personalities (or made very good guesses). Doctor Who, Sherlock, Britishisms, Pugs, Books, Gnomes, Jane Austen, and the list goes on.

Again, thank you. You are now part of our yearly tradition.

May tonight be merry and bright with your loved ones close and have a wonderful new year.


This day in Lisa-Universe: 2011

kill slit tingle’s throat

Anyone who games on gamecube and/or played Zelda:windwaker w/ the gba will know my pain. Tingle is fucking useful but geez, he sends me messages like “T-I-N-G-L-E LOVES YOU!”. It is, annoying.

I’m in a pissy mood and it’s not because of Zelda (rather, Zelda is helping me relax). First off my back hurts and I’ve been to the chiro already today and my back went crunch all the way down but he can’t see why it’s aching (especially in the middle of the spine) because he doesn’t feel anything wrong or see anything wrong with my adjustment. Monday I’m going to the massage therapist (named steve) who for 30/hr is gonna make me feel gooood. I hope.

Secondly, can I say I hate Aquinas again? OKay, I hate them again. I got my grade back from creative writing and got a B+. That doesn’t piss me off. What pisses me off is both semesters I averaged a 3.0 gpa yet my accumulative is LOWER than when I transferred in. I don’t get it. I called school, and left a very detailed vm. I’m terribly concerned because this upcoming year I have to have an accumalitive of a 3.2 to get to grad school. Hello. Stress.

Second, the insurance company. Called them today after picking up my laptop and pc to find out what to do next. Woman on the phone tells me not to fax anything in (er?) and then asks about the cost of the PC and the laptop retail (which I’ve told them many times over and over). I tell her that the pc was hand-built (which I’ve stated through this entire process) and that some pieces, like one of the cdrw’s we bought at 300 for the damn thing two years ago or more when they were super expensive. anyway, they tell me that they found a comparable machine at circuit city for 900. Eh? Apparently, my new machine is considered an ‘upgrade’ — they only do ‘comparable or like kind’ when insurance does replacement. Well, first off, they no longer make my machine anymore or the parts! So yes, it will be an upgrade. I kept telling them, look, I put this together myself, what part of that don’t you understand? As for the laptop, they need to find something ‘comparable’ to that. They said “we will only pay what we owe you”. I was like fine I’m not arguing with you, here are my receipts through my semi-working fax. Apparently they will add up everything together, deduct the 500 and cut me a check. Oh joyous day.I got frustrated because the second time I called, the woman kept insisting on various things I was never told. “Well it’s in the notes!!” “Doesn’t mean she told me.” “SHe spoke to you at 3:01pm.” “No, she did not. I was at the doctors office.” What in fucking hell is your problem!!

she’s quaking

be afraid.

be very very afraid.

For the last couple of months, Matt and the guys from work have been trying incessantly to get me to play Quake or any of the other RPGs lan-type games. I’ve been resisting with “I don’t play games” but when Matt got me the 16MB AGP vid card, handed it to me, I knew I was lost.

This past Friday, we installed Quake2. All day long I started futzing with it because the whole concept of killing people without going to jail is kind of appealing. I futzed and futzed and futzed and finally got it working. When it did work and I entered the arena, Matt killed me in under 3 seconds. Not fun. I logged off and tried playing solo — but the game kept stalling and I was getting frustrated. I reinstalled a different version of Quake 2 (namely, the upgrade) and that worked. But I wanted to kill people dammit. I then downloaded Quake3, and installed it. But since Quake3 is tourney style, again I was dead pretty quickly.

I retold this whole story to Justin over the weekend (whom he thought it was amusing) and last night he came home with a legitimate copy of Quake which we both immediately installed on our boxes. For over an hour last night Justin and I hunted each other and I got mah ass handed to me 9 to -6. However, it is fun. I’m downloading the patch for quake 2 now :D.

violet eyes
Justin’s new schedule has me getting up between 4:30a-4:45a to take him to BART so that he can get to work. for the first time in a few weeks, instead of staying up, i immediately crawled back into bed when i got home. i didn’t wake up till nearly 11am. Woopsie. Since I’m leaving in three weeks anyway, they have been pretty lenient with me at work. Woopie. So I spent most of yesterday doing household items and talking online while my clothes got tided.

someone in the channel mentioned about buying colored contacts and i said how when i was younger i had gotten both green and violet flavor eyes. i had to dig up a few pictures to prove my point:

Lisa at 17
Lisa again at 17

Now, don’t yell or email me about how fucked up the hair is — I had no idea what the hell was going through my head at the time. However, I was at Shelly’s apartment in Wyoming, MI sitting in “my” chair (we all have that right? we go to a friends house and sit in the same chair. i also was obsessed with using this glass for drinkage that was actually a fancy measuring cup. Shelly didn’t understand my obsession with this thing.).

So, I post the pictures to the channel and to be honest, I got really disgusted with how people reacted to them. Why? because the first thing everyone noticed was the weight difference. In those pictures, I was 50lbs thinner. Big difference. Okay, fine, I can deal with that. The main thing was that people kept going “oh you were so cute/hot/beautiful” almost as if “what the fuck happened to you?!?”. Well, I’m 10 years older than I am in those pictures. I don’t think they are the best representation of me at that age but it really irked me that people were so fucking shallow.

The biggest pet peeve i’ve always had for a long time was people not accepting me for me but accepting me for what i looked like. It was like, jesus christ people, grow up. I’m still the same person 50lbs or not, purple eyes or not.

I was ranting and raving to Paul about this because it was bugging the fuck out of me. he was like “lisa, you were cute and innocent then, but to be honest, you ARE HOT now weight gain or not.”

The thing is, I’ve always known i would grow into my looks. I have such strong features that I knew that I would get better with age. Like a lot of people didn’t believe I was 17 in those pics and a lot of people don’t believe I am 27 now. Then it was always that I looked older and now it’s that i look younger. I can thank my mother (for once) for having her beautiful genetics.

I have always ALWAYS known that I was or never would be conventionally beautiful and that doesn’t bother me. I’ve not let it bother me for years because it helps weed out the imbeciles and numbskulls who hit on me. Same reason why I got pierced in the various fashions that I have — because i know and have always known that I’m not everyone’s cup of tea. Which is just fine by me. I don’t want the whole world to love me — just one person. That’s fine enough for me.

But what REALLY irks me is that people who are so, just, ugh, normal, pass judgement on me as they sit on their 300lb fat asses eating king dongs and HO-HOs trying to tell me I look like shit. I always look good. I can afford to be egotistical because I am god and what I say goes. I’ve never had a problem getting a man or winning over friends. The problem I have is that the men that generally like me are fucking nimrods and bore the living fuck out of me.

But enough about me. let’s get on to something interesting!