daily entry: January 30, 2015

Dear Internet, HEY! My eBook is officially now live on Amazon: Morning ritual: Wake up, use the facilities, pop contacts in, take drugs, turn kettle on for tea, figure out breakfast. While the kettle is heating up, fill last nights Bopple and also the humidifier. With tea and breakfast in hand, check email, Facebook, Twitter. Respond asContinue reading “daily entry: January 30, 2015”

notes for cabinet particulier, part iii: sorting the research

Dear Internet, As planned, I got up early and headed into Traverse City to get Jeeves’ tires attended to. I called the local BMW dealership and was told, despite confirmation from MINI Grand Rapids and the TC BMW receptionist, they do NOT service MINIs. His suggestion? Take my car to MINI Grand Rapids. When IContinue reading “notes for cabinet particulier, part iii: sorting the research”

queen’s cushion

Dear Internet, Monday I had a massive panic attack that came out of nowhere and incapacitated me for the entire day. I did breathing exercises, 5 minute meditation, and various other exercises and nothing changed. I called on TheHusband who had me run through a few mindfulness exercises, several times, but it was almost utterly useless.Continue reading “queen’s cushion”