In regards to this entry, I need to give you guys closure.
As AQ Paul and I had agreed to meet up for lunch this week, we were to meet Tuesday after French to plan. Due to my own procrastination, I knew that everyday this week was going to be bad, so we agreed to go to lunch that day to Hunan on Leonard (the one that wenchie is always raving about to me).
Lunch was short and very strained. Our usual playfulness was gone and tension was high. We sat in a booth, facing each other, and for the first time in a long time, I felt like I couldn’t look at him in the eyes. Too much was left unsaid that day last week and I wanted it to remain buried. I kept bringing up wifey-poo at every opportunity that presented itself. Since he took the initiative to cut the lunch short (less than an hour, including driving time), I was heavily relieved.
I dropped him off at his car and we talked and I watched his hesitation as he got out — as if he was waiting for me to inquire about having lunch again or something of the sort. I kept my mouth shut. He is leaving AQ next spring, so there will be opportunity to see him again in academic setting and I think it’s best for all parties involved to keep it like that.

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