Patrick Update

If you read the last post, which is quite lengthy, I do want to stress that I do not condone cheating. I’ve done it, but, shit has changed and it’s not my bag. Married/in a relationship, unless you are scot free, don’t call me.
With that being said, still no idea on what is going on. As I related to Kate and Jen the other night, he’s probably waiting to get me to Denver to dump me so that he can say he has a clean track record (he’s broken up with all of his girlfriends). I twirled my finger when I said it.
I could postulate on this forever and you’re probably wondering why do I even bother, and to be honest, since I get no emotional or physical satisfaction from it, I have no idea. Maybe I’m holding out on the idea that somehow we will work this out. Well, honestly, I don’t know WHY. I’m just an idiot.
More later.