attracts doves and repells dragons

Miniature of the dragon constellation from Ptolemy’s Almagest, via The British Library

Dear Internet,
One of the gifts TheHusband bestowed on me this holiday season was a wireless (via Bluetooth) solar keyboard that is designed to work with my Air, iPad, and iPhone. Set up literally took two seconds and I am loving the way the keys are feeling under my pads. While I’m a 10 key girl at heart, and I will miss having the 10 key as part of my keyboard, the loss of cords and great aesthetic functionality of the keyboard is totally winning me over.
Tomorrow my Mother-in-Law is arriving for a week long visit and we’ve been prepping the house for her arrival. We had started earlier in the week instead of leaving it all at the last minute, as we tend to do in such matters, but even then it’s now nearing mid-evening hours and TheHusband is now deciding to do some of his chores. He claims trifle belly, which lead to trifle coma, which lead to napping on and off all day while watching terrible television. I cannot be too harsh on him – I didn’t wake up until 11:30 myself and then I proceeded to spend the rest of the afternoon reading before doing my own chores.
But we did get some work done — laundry is completed, the guest suite is prepped and fresh flowers have been laid, and one of TheHusband’s pet vacation projects, cleaning up the cords and rearranging the router/nas/voip/etc, was also knocked off the list. Tomorrow I take Jeeves in for his yearly oil check and while I’m gone, TheHusband will tackle the worst of all his crimes: his bathroom. Her arrival at the airport is lunchtime, which then dovetails into having a clean house and a lovely afternoon spent with her before we fall back into our usual mess disgrace but my mother-in-law has already said she’s fine with this.
The weather continues to be at worst for wear as we’ve reached the 30″ mark of snowfall this season while in the last 30 years, the average snowfall in December has been 20″. We’re getting predictions for more snow this upcoming week, which is putting a damper on potential plans. The city has been lax in getting the streets cleaned in a timely manner, but considering the damage that came from last week’s ice storm, I can’t be too harsh on them. But overall, the weather is not inviting enough outside to even want to leave the damn house!
Now that the internets is back up and running, and most of my chores of the day have been completed, I’m off to finally take a much need and much desired long soak in the tub before heading to bed.

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