get your score cards out

in the lieu of a lot of interesting happenings happening recently, i dropped an email to Bryan no more then 5 minutes ago.
Bryan, for those keeping track at home, was someone I dated before Danny (so this is nearly 7 years go :o), who lives in Toronto and whom I have had an interesting relationship with. Like a few years ago he went to a therapist and his therapist got him all wrapped up about how I was the perfect one for him and how he had to woo me — and I was living in SF at the time so it didn’t work out (again). It was all very bizarre. Anyways, Bryan lives/works in TO and I just emailed him cos goddamnit, I havne’t spoken to him in years and i want to know WHY he doesn’t talk to me anymore. I mean, he hosts one of my domains and has been since 1997. You’d think he’d at least speak to me.
Go figure.