and how we’re guilt-stricken, sobbin’ with our heads on the floor

Dear Internet, I woke up at 4:08 AM today and the dream was innocuous about someone I know on the internets. I was able to go back to sleep fairly quickly. This will make sense further on. I’m going to apologize and tell you this is another ripping off the bandaid confessional. It is whatContinue reading “and how we’re guilt-stricken, sobbin’ with our heads on the floor”

heavy like a loaded gun

Dear Internet, First, one of my pieces, “Devil’s Advocate: Just Because I Divorced Him Doesn’t Mean He’s Not My Best Friend”, was published today at A Practical Wedding. I’m proud of this piece and as an update, after reading this, TEH said, “When you get married again, let me know so I can send you aContinue reading “heavy like a loaded gun”

the end of the part time girlfriend

danny and i have been doing this ‘dance’ for seven years. yes, seven long years between cross country moves, boyfriends, girlfriends and what not and we always end up back ‘together’. This time around, for the last 8 months we’ve been vaguely seeing each other (if seeing each other once a week is being vague).Continue reading “the end of the part time girlfriend”