here there and everywhere

paul and i got into a huge argument the other day about he got all pissy because he couldn’t understand why i had this AND I was like “um, this (livejournal) is for on the fly adding of stuff that doesn’t fit at” and he got angry. as if you haven’t been reading between the lines, we’ve been fighting a lot and I told him i wanted to leave and get my own place — which resulted in a day long argument (which, we did completely over irc – ohh the irony) which resulted in nothing being accomplished. I got in touch with a couples shrink and we have an appointment on wednesday to start working this shit out. he doesn’t get it and i’m sick of explaining this shit to him.
this weekend was rolling stone type weekend for me. i went to the tool show on friday and then turned around and went back to DC to see Tori last night. Heather and I nearly froze our asses off walking from the Metro to the hall, but the show was fantastic. I’ve never seen Tori preform live before, and while I like her music, I’m not obsessed with her like i know some people are. She’s witty in concert, commenting about her new baby. We missed the opening act (Rufus Wainwright), but I was fine with that. Tool had some alterna teen band open for them, and I missed that opening act as well.
For Tool we had box seats, which were pretty decent BUT the particular box we were sitting in had the speaker diagonal to us so it blocked sexy Maynard from my view. But Tool rocks as I’ve seen them twice now. Once in 1996 with Danny and then this past friday. For Tori, we had orchestra seats stage right. About 15 rows back. It was a small venue and i could see Tori’s facial expression. I ran into one of my old friends at the hall (surprise surprise since I’ve only lived here for two years) and I forgot she would be there. We no longer speak, but I had this urge to go say “Hi.” Why I have no idea, but I suppressed this urge and didn’t say anything. The damn seats at the hall were small and built for teeny tiny little waify girls as I had to stretch my legs out to the aisle to get comfy. Then of course there were the obviously ‘freaks’ which were the females who go to Tori’s shows, pretend they were lesbians and take it from there. Why is it that both Tool and Tori had the very stereotypical people there? Why do I harp on this shit?
I’m feeling weird. LIke I miss someone/something and I don’t know what it is.