i thought i would be slick last night and update before midnight so that i could get the timestamp to read for 9.3.00. However, i was 2 fucking seconds too late: [9/4/2000 12:00:02 AM | lisa rabey]
so, no update. heh. i lost all motivation 🙂
but wait there is more!
so i of course completely forget it IS monday and therefore this would be valid. I’m confused. It’s the holidays and I have no idea what the hell i am doing. 🙂 excuse me. It’s going to be the case of where I’ll be up till 3am and have to be to work at 11am and be confused all over again. Heh.
geek- haus.org is officially up. Go check it out. Please don’t email me telling me how cute it is. It’s not my idea. It’s paul’s. 🙂
Also, I’ve been going through my news folder and finally starting writing opinions again on bitchasshoe.org. So between those two, it should keep you informed for some time 😉