I may or may not quit you

Dear Internet,
All we’ve talked about is me, me, me. I think it’s time that we talked about you.
I think we need a break from each other. Or at the very least, we may need to start seeing other people.
You see Internet, I love you, I do. You’ve given me my husband, job & life skills, friends, and adventures galore. You are beyond delightful. But our current arrangement is not working out for me at the moment and that saddens me. Truth be told Internet, it hasn’t been working out for quite some time but I was always desperate to hold on to you and be deliriously desperately in denial of the hold you have on me. When we first met Interent, everyday was a fresh day of learning. I was always digging into your nooks and crannies, scratching you under your chin. Now, it seems, nothing is really fresh anymore. Everything is a retweet, a digg, a stumbleupon, a like, or a tweet.
I’m just not that into you anymore.

And perhaps it really isn’t you, really, Internet but your cousins: The Facebooks, The Tumblrs, the Twitters, to the new baby, Pinterest. Even your half-brother, RSS, is getting a bit difficult to deal with as of late. Personal websites used to post a few times a week, some ambitious souls would post everyday, while news sites may post up to several times a day and maybe a dozen posts a week. Now some news sites post dozens of articles a day – many of that content merely one line comment under an image, a video, or an animated gif. It’s all being billed as relevant, hot, or what is swarming around their office so therefore, a necessity to share to the world, even though I’ve seen it in some formation or another on variety of different websites alrady. Some even go so far as to style themelves as original content when all they do is just aggregate it. I’m looking at you, Medievalists.net for this particular infraction.
AND THE ADS. Why Why hasn’t anyone put poor Huffington Post down yet? It’s like a rabid bitch in heat and needs to be stopped.
My co-dependency with you, lovely lovely Internet, is ruining my life.
Let me spin this tale another way: I started writing this post immediately after I posted Tragedy in the style of the Greeks. That posted languished in my draft box for nearly a month and I felt that while the muse’s heart was starting to beat slowly beneath my skin, I had to post that post before I could continue on. My goal is to never have more then one draft open at a time on the blog. That was a mess I got into before and not worth repeating. So for the last few days, I’ve tap danced across this blog, trying to get things organized only to find that my pointing of my fingers to you, dear Internet, when it should really be pointing them at me for this disturbance in the force.
The desire to change has finally outweighed the problem.

2 thoughts on “I may or may not quit you”

  1. Your title for this post really sums up my feelings. I still feel “may or may not” overall as I’ve been trying to winnow the low-hanging timesuck fruit from my life. Sigh.

    1. It’s really, really hard. I’m addressing this more clearly in my next post.

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