I may or may not quit you

Dear Internet,

All we’ve talked about is me, me, me. I think it’s time that we talked about you.

I think we need a break from each other. Or at the very least, we may need to start seeing other people.

You see Internet, I love you, I do. You’ve given me my husband, job & life skills, friends, and adventures galore. You are beyond delightful. But our current arrangement is not working out for me at the moment and that saddens me. Truth be told Internet, it hasn’t been working out for quite some time but I was always desperate to hold on to you and be deliriously desperately in denial of the hold you have on me. When we first met Interent, everyday was a fresh day of learning. I was always digging into your nooks and crannies, scratching you under your chin. Now, it seems, nothing is really fresh anymore. Everything is a retweet, a digg, a stumbleupon, a like, or a tweet.

I’m just not that into you anymore.
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busy as a bee

I never did finish my NaNoWriMo novel, but congrats to the people who did. I had issues, matter and concerns happen in November and it was perhaps the overwhelming stress of trying to be wonder woman that I just threw down my lasso of truth and said ‘fuck it’.

modgirl.net has been nicely updated, much more than my LJ, which is fine. My new project was installing and using the patch for greymatter to add all the old entries in my journal and use a database instead of doing it singlehandedly. If you want to read the past, be my guest. I suppose I have this fetish that I need to get this completed sometime in my life. I have this fantasy where my children will find the web page and get a better understanding of my life. Nothing like living in the ether.

[Originally published at LiveJournal.]

coming soon

First I was in Michigan for five weeks. Then! Roadrunner got hit with codered and rendered us useless (internet wise) for almost 2.5 weeks. Then! Moe turned off FTP and I had to figure out how to upload all my crap other than command line scp (godbless winSCP and it’s gui).

I am hoping to get everything back up and in working order within the next few weeks. If you are truly bored go to watch me cam. In color even. You may even get a glimpse of one of my new tattoos/piercings. I forgot to mention that part didn’t i? 😉

See you soon