I have big issues with people who talk shit to hide their insecurities. Especially when it’s used to attempt to come between a friendship because that particular ‘person’ doesn’t like me.
R. has been telling his girlfriend that I’m a lesbian and bad juju because I once had a fivesome which included two women when I was living in san francisco. I had sex with two women. BIG FUCKING WOOP! So he thinks that of something I told him in passing a long ass time ago, that I’m going to go steal his girlfriend and fuck her. This is the reason he tells her she can’t ‘go out with me’ because either I’m slutting around and grabbing men or I’m going to fuck her.
And oh, another female the gf and I know also has had sex with girls but yet she’s okay. I was so livid when the gf told me I couldn’t see straight. I’m tired of the animosity R. keeps showing me despite all the shit I’ve done for them and there /is/ no singular reason why he needs to treat me like shit and talk smack.
R. and I got into verbal fisticuffs tonight in a parking lot however I did not find out about this tidbit till later. There is more to the story, obviously, but since that is not my story to tell, I can’t.
I’m just bloody fucking tired of drama and manipulative emotional nitwits. I’m 31 years old, not in bloody high school. I see these people handful times a month, IF THAT and he’s ALWAYS rude to me and I’ve been nothing but nice to him.
And oh? I especially love the logic behind all of this. I have my fucking cunt pierced, I can’t have sex even if I wanted to. I’m such a paranoid about taking exceptional care of my piercings that WHY THE HELL WOULD I ENDANGER MYSELF for some ass? Le hello? Earth to human?!
Je prefere le cock!
fucking morons.

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