Because I am bored and sick of homework

In part because I know several other people here on lj have yahoo personals and i’ll protect those innocents (hah, yah right), and because I want to kill the french language, I present you with a recent list of people who have responded to my yahoo ad. This does NOT include the numfucks who IM me on a near daily basis.
First off my ad:
The latest responses:
Conclusion: Time to rewrite the ad. All I keep getting is old farts who are Christian, Outdoorsy and “like to have a good time”. Even though to me, it is VERY clear that since I did not check Christianity as an option in what I was looking for. What is even better is the idiots who respond to me via IM who say “What do you do?” — um, it IS in my profile, did you NOT read? Apparently NOT.