introducing skaldic press

dear internet,
i am a ceo and now own my own company.
it’s true. i even have my own EIN and some fool gave me a business credit card.
i own 100% of a company which is (currently) worth $0. but that’s all about to change.
skaldic press, llc came into existence in the spring of 2014 when i started planning my year long writing sabbatical. i needed a business front for all of my writing activities and a way to track expenses related to research and other necessities. as most of you know, however, the last few months of 2014 have been unbelievably hellish and the concept was shelved.
now that I’m better equipped emotionally and rationally to handle all of this change, it was time to kick start skaldic press, llc back into existence AND i needed a way to make an income.
what exactly will skaldic press, llc be publishing?
on a more specific scale, skaldic press, llc current projects on the table are the eBook front which will be volumes my online diary entries from the late ’90s and early ’00s bundled in eBook format, which i will be selling on amazon and ibook. the entries will always remain free on the website.
there is also a literary ‘zine, so glad is my heart. which i’ll be launching in the spring.  plus i have a few other projects that will be coming to fruition in the next couple of months.
i’m pretty fucking excited, let me tell you, about this whole endeavor.
skaldic press social media presence is pretty bare bones at the moment, but you can follow us at:
will this be hard? yes.
will this be a eating bon-bons money maker? probably not.
but i’ve got IDEAS and a burning passion to make this succeed. i have no interest in turning this some sort of MLM with videos, podcasts, and other gewgaws; rather i want to just quietly publish my stuff while i write my books.
wish me luck.

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