lisa is a THIN mod girl

A year later! hah! Everyone remembers when I inadverently turned writergeekgirl into a community (I can’t find the post when I was begging people to come back, but hey 😉
Anyways, I had MEANT to turn into a community and never got around to it. Since I’m running on three hours of sleep and i was supposed to be in bed hours ago, here is short end of the stick.
Thanks in part to both banacheq and sillz_ who have both changed their lives tremendously as well as the always insightful essays from the very lovely greentara, I’ve been thinking about this whole ‘lose weight thing’. This isn’t something ‘new’ perhaps, but banacheq gave a lot of good advice when we were in Vegas this past summer and it’s been rolling in the back of my head for a long time and lately I’ve just been realised I’ve been tired of this body. I’ve lost 20-25lbs since I moved back home and the jeans I just bought are baggy (I still think that it’s just that the jeans (two pairs) were mis-labeled, but hey) and I feel better but I need to lose more — like in the 100 lb range.
That is not a typo. Anyone who has met me doesn’t believe it nor how much I tell them how much I weigh but it’s true, so hey, no skin off my nose.
There are a million and one reasons why I want to do this but the thing that has been holding me back is lack of community support. I Just don’t get the vibes at all, so, I’ll create my own community. But I don’t want it here in writergeekgirl.
If you’re interested, join . The posts so far are only me but if someone else wants to post to spread the community, then let me know and I’ll give you acess. I’ll be posting pics of my chubby ass once I can talk my brother or someone else, along with a lot of weight thought and theory on my own part.
Let me add, this has nothing to do with a man. For being a chubby geek girl, the one thing I’ve never lacked was having a boyfriend. While it’s always sounded arrogant to my ears, it’s always been true. Also, I’m not looking at being uber skinny, because that isn’t me. I like having curves, I just want to be less curvacious and I’m not interested in what size I wear either, I just want to look good, for me.
So we’ll see what happens but I’ll be posting over there and your welcome to join me and if you don’t, it’s cool. 🙂