Lisa is a badddddd girl aka The Bad Ass Girl in French Class

Lately I’ve been feeling very centered and within myself, and no longer feel like the intimidated person I feel when I’m in new social scenes. My trip to the bar a few weeks ago was proof of that as well as being more assertive in the classes I’m taking (ie: If I have a point to make, I’m going to make it, not sit and be mute). I’ve also been been very open about my opinions lately and it’s been funny because the more I speak the more I’m finding I’m getting along with people better. This is not pertinent to LJ per se, but it has been instrumental in day to day relations. I love it.
One of the girls in my french class and I have started hanging out together and she’s just so — RAD. And she’s only 19 but she’s a lot like me and what was funny was that as were walking to our cars after class today to go to Denny’s to study for french and we ran into her roommate and she introduced me as the ‘badass chick in her french class”, which I was honored by. Anyways we had a great time at Denny’s and my brother stopped by and worked on his homework as well (he left work early as he was feeling sick — yet manages to put away a huge ass burger). The really funny thing was in class when she said something to me comparing me to another guy in our ‘group’ and I said (rather loudly) – “Oh, I dunno, if Roland has 38DD breasts, I’d be suprised” and she starts laughing, Roland laughs and this 18yo in front of us turned beet red.
It was great.
Then we had to do a relay and I was captain of our team. He put our captain names on the board and w ehad to race up to to the board (1x a time, six people on each team) and conjurgate our fucking verbs and the Professor would say “excellente lisa!” and i wouldn’t hear the excellente and pause thinking i had congurgated incorrectly. hah. We came in last, but we were demanding a come back. My group cracks me up. While we all want to bash ms.know-it-alls head in, it’s still great fun.
After we had left Denny’s, I went to the tattoo shop to drop off the photos from our night out drinking and Pip was working. Pip is the british guy who has been working there for months and come to find out we are both going into the same ideals for graduate work so we always talk about — well everything. He’s got these amazing blue eyes. ANYWAYS, so I was leaning over the counter as he was in the back office and we were shooting the shit blah blah blah and since it was near closing he said “C’mon on back, I don’t bite.” My response was “Too bad, I like it when they struggle.” Good times man, good times 🙂 He’s also the same guy who was eyeing my breasts when I came back to the shop after changing to out.
He’s lost his british accent after living in the US for over a decade, and i kept telling him if he can score more women if he pulls it back up. 🙂 Not that I’m suggesting anything mind you. We were chatting outside and he’s loaning me some stuff for entrence work into grad schools in the UK. He’s applying to Oxford. I asked if he would get in, and like me on applying to Harvard, he said “Slim to none chance, but it would be a great rejection letter.”
We have a lot of the same schools in mind along with the same goals (finish undergrad, get masters, get phd). I like talking ot him, he’s cool.
Bad things? He’s 22 and is short. Isn’t that always the case? 🙂
Oh and he has a gf, and we were talking about the whole on-off again and I talked about Danny (whom he knows) and I told him that was so off, since he’s seeing me coming into the shop by myself more often now.
Who knows, sometimes it’s just fun to speculate. As always, nothing will happen.