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Holy shit, I can’t believe it’s nearly 4am. Tonight I wanted to go to bed around midnight as I’m going out with Danny tomorrow and Saturday I’m going out with a tonne of people (lotus_flower, ministerofsilly, theology class paul and his wife, matt and danny. No idea what we are doing or where are going but I love planning stuff like this. Maybe I should be a party coordinator 🙂 Anyways, lots happened in the last few days so I’m gonna lj-cut stuff and read what you like. 🙂
horrorscope for August 1
What would happen if you just simply decided to take care of yourself today, lisa? This is what the planets are trying to tell you. You need to relax, to be taken care of, and to close you eyes and dream or fall asleep. Leave those daily tasks behind you today. You need peace and quiet. Lie down and empty your mind of all your worries. You don’t need to act, you don’t need to react, just lie down and relax…
She called and left me a message yesterday as I was walking out the door to the tattoo place and she placed him on the bus back to GR (he is from here). If you didn’t read the SUPER LONG ENTRY, a summary:
[23:42] modgirllisa: So let me get this straight, you haven’t seen him in 12 years let alone talk to him and you invited him down to see you in Cincy with you paying the bus fare. He shows up with five bucks and a: you are surprised that he wants to take advantage of you and b: you want to keep him there because you want to torture him?
[23:43] modgirllisa: If that is all true, are you fucking insane?
23:45] houseguesfromhell: well.. your paraphrasing makes it sound a little different than how I said it…
[23:45] houseguesfromhell: but you are right
I called her on the way to literacy training today and she told me she got a call from his boyfriend and he (her friend) is apparently a crackhead (as in, smokes the pipe not as in a figure of speech) and her friend the crackhead had apparently asked her for MONEY when she called to see if he was home okay. I wanted to shake her through the phone. The issue here is that she has had this habit of getting in touch with people from her past and then acts surprised when they aren’t what they seem. Now, I have no problems keeping in touch with people from my past but for fuck sakes, you have to draw the line somewhere and she doesn’t get that. She still acts like if they are one way a decade ago, they are the same today.
I feel very good for standing up to her. She’s VERY controlling and she takes everything as apersonal slight . We will see what happens with our friendship as her date to move back to GR approaches.
Before I bought my Canon A300, I had a Kodak DX3500 that Paul (my ex) and I had bought on my birthday in 2001. At the time, the camera for it’s features was the best bet for money. After buying the docking station, the recharge batteries, the memory card and the four year extra warranty, we spent close to 500 bucks.
As time went on, it became apparent the camera was a piece of shit. THe reason was that every image it took look like it was smeared with vaseline. As time progressed and I had found the warranty (heh), I decided on my move back to GR I was going to have it fixed and maybe get it upgraded to a newer camera if the warranty would allow it. Best Buy no longer did onsite repair and it was shipped back to Kodak and Kodak “reset the factory defaults” and shipped it back to me. The camera had the EXACT same issue when it came back and even though ministerofsilly and lotus_flower have the same camera, they weren’t experiencing the same problems, so that pretty much made up my mind to just buy a new camera and give the Kodak to my brother. Well right after I had ordered my Canon, the Kodak died. I took it back to Best Buy, told them it was broken and said “It might be something as stupid as the batteries” (cos silly me didn’t check to see if the recharges had actually stopped working) but if it isn’t the batteries, could they please look at it again and figure out what the hell is wrong with it because it stil has the SAME problem and while previous Best Buy techs told me that it was the memory card (the ones that you buy not the one internal) I disagreed because I had gone through several memory cards that worked FINE in other cameras and it wasn’t the memory card.
Well Best Buy called me yesterday to tell me that Kodak sent the camera back and it was not worth repairing apparently and I get to go into Best Buy to get a NEW ONE! WOOO! How cool is that? I’ll have two new cameras 🙂 I was planning on giving this one to my brother but now he can go fuck himself. Please see next post 😉
I won’t bore you with details on my family history but what I will say as a backstory is that my parents got married, had me and my mom left when I was five months old (I was not a shotgun wedding baby ;). She dated my brother’s father later on and got pregnant with him. My mom has always felt that since I had a father figure in my life (hah) that my brother deserved more attention. He is still the favorite with ehr even though in the seven months since I’ve been back to GR, I’ve seen her on the average of about once a month and he’s seen mother twice.
With that being said, my brother and I have a strange relationship. It’s been very off for a long time now and it’s slowly escalating till we no longer speak for weeks at a time though we live two miles apart. While yes, this is sad, the part is that I am REALLY tired of him mocking me, my lifestyle, my choices, and everything else, especially my dogs (when I’m not around, he used to bring his pitbull Chaos over and force her to fight wednesday. Wednesday weighs 17lbs, Chaos weighs like 60). He’s borrowed money from me and never paid me back, I’ve fixed his broken down 86 Caddy more times I can count, I mean really the list is endless. Well tonight took the cake. He had called me about getting copies of his resume printed and I called him back and I guess I rambled on the phone for a few minutes as I was on break from Literacy training and when he called me back, he mocked me for a good solid 2 minutes on my cell phone. I called him back, very coherent and said “You know, I’ve busted my ass helping you out in your time of need (which is often I might add) and you always mock me for everything, grow the fuck up and find other friends to “help you”. I clicked the ‘end’ button on my cell phone as angerily as one can click an ‘end’ button. Tonight after I got home he got online (phone got turned back on apparently) and he started giving me shit, AGAIN. I said look, I’m not helping you and he said “Well what the fuck do you do all day you are lazy you are xyz”. Yes, I don’t have a job, but I am doing stuff and you know, unless I’m at your door with no place to live it’s not your place to comment on my lifestyle. So then he launches into how it’s my fault how he lost out on a job oppturnity because he couldn’t get in touch with me to get his resume in. This is MY problem? I don’t think so and told him so, he has several copies of his resume that I sent him numerous times. This went on, I resent him a copy (three times) of his resume tonight and I bet I won’t hear much from him in the future. I really do not know what is going to happen with him at this point and to be honest at the path we are heading right now, I don’t see a bright future.
A few weeks ago, I wrote about my tendency to get anal about my credit report. The number one thing right now that is killing me is that GMAC (car bill) is showing up twice, making it look like I have two accounts open. WHen I called equifax, I started an investigation and I got a letter today from them telling me that Equifax had contacted GMAC and that both accounts were correct. I launched into another explaintion and the person who took the call said “well, there wasn’t that in the investigation, so I’ll resubmit it and it will be taken care of”. I called GMAC and they said the reason why this happened was because it the original billing office was closed and all accounts were moved to another one and hence why they got renumbered. They said this will be resolved within 72 hours. So, lets hope on that shall we.
For some reason, people always seem surprised that not only am I single, but I’m not really dating. While I appreciate the candor in them thinking I’m really that hot to trot, I think a lot of has to do with being well, as eccentric as I am. Last I recall, being tall, chubby, heavily tattooed and pierced, a geek, a gamer, a pug owner and a student weren’t in big demands these days. But no matter, I really don’t feel like there isn’t someone out there for me, rather, I feel like it’s gonna be a long wait and I suck at dating so what the hell is the point because I get bored quickly and there seems to be no end to litany of stupid questions. One chap who chats me up on Yahoo! always talks about us getting together but never really does anything to plan getting together. I once asked him something and he said “I talk to you all the time, isn’t that enough?” Um, no genius, we never MET and if we are even remotely interested in each other wouldn’t it be prudent to say, swap emails? Maybe call ? OH I DON’T KNOW! Besides he lives in Chicago, and while he is cute and has a great taste in music, fuck him and his vinyl.
With that being said, I have in the past posted personal ads in both SF, DC and here in GR. Both SF and DC were more like looking for like minded people getting together (not necessairly sexual) but because I wanted to expand my friends groups. None of them panned out except for one guy whom I’ve simply become good friends with (hi niasyn ;] ) And even then due to differing schedueles we really don’t chat that much.
At any rate, I did the same thing when I came back to GR, I did the same thing. A few intersting people responded but it never panned out. A few weeks ago, I was talking to a few people in a irc channel I hang out with and decided to post and ad on yahoo! again to see if anything had changed in the last six months. This time, I even included pics! (Yahoo personal name is buttercupthepowerpuffgrrl if you are curious). No nibbles for a few days and I wasn’t really that worried about it. The pics were posted of me being dorky for a reason and after finding out a few couples that I knew had met via personals and had gotten married, I felt like I had hope of that maybe I could meet some interesting people.
If you don’t read the ad, here is what I say in short: I’m tall, thick bodied, caucasin, black hair and brown eyes and am single, not affliated with any religion, I’m in education/acadameia, I have tattoos and piercings, I’ve lived in several places like DC and SF, I’m in college as a undergrad. I am a music and movie buff, I love cartoons. I giggle a lot. I’m not your typical girl. I also do not have kids nor am I sure about wanting any (they do not have an option for yes i want kids but later). I post what I’m looking for is the following:
“A geek who reads. A geek who reads, like going out and is tall! A geek who reads, likes pop culture, playing video games, going out, is tall and has a british accent! 😉 So, I’m picky, this is my ad and I can be as picky as I wanna be.”
And as most people would say, that sums me up in short, right? Right. I’m pretty specific about who I am and what I want. So please tell me, why then a man who is looking for a black woman, ages 18-50 with KIDS AND is a christian who attends services MORE THAN TWICE A WEEK who is a stay at home mom would respond to my ad? Or the guy who said (and I quote directly)
“i know im not the kind of guy you are
looking for but i just had to tell you your
ad is the most interesting , cool and honest
ad ive ever read i think its great and you
must be too well good luck”
Which is fine, but the part about the first guy kills me because obviously i’m not black, christian (or at least any prescriped religion), and I don’t have kids and I am NOT a stay at home mom (pugs don’t count). The second fact is is the fact that yahoo allows people to IM the person who wrote the ad, which shows up in trillian as (and from what others tell me, with them as well) as my regular Yahoo address. So That is a bit um, freaky. Because I’d like to keep the two seperate thanks!
But WHY would someone respond if I am not what they are looking for or what they are looking for? And if it were once or twice, I’d be like, that’s fine but this happens EVERY single time I put an ad up. Geez. Hello. I’m not interested in hanging out with you and mother on a sunday afternoon.
Another thing that kills me is that on my yahoo profile page ) several things, like my nickname is “lisa”, i have a long set of interests, my website, that i AM female, where I am located (at least general idea) and I’m in education. Now the funny thing is that I get all these yahoos on yahoo! who will IM me “A/S/L” or “What are your interests (um hello, it’s on my profile page moron) or my particular favorite (this happened this past tuesday)
16:13] dreamcatchermja: Hello There, My name is Michael. I am from Wyoming. I am a Working Chef but I am a Double-major in Accounting and Business Management at Davenport University
[16:38] modgirllisa: hello.
[16:39] dreamcatchermja: Hello
[16:39] dreamcatchermja: How are you today?
[16:40] modgirllisa: just peachy
[16:40] dreamcatchermja: So where are you at now?
[16:40] modgirllisa: in my apartment
[16:41] dreamcatchermja: In G.R.
[16:41] modgirllisa: yes
[16:41] dreamcatchermja: What’s your name?
[16:41] modgirllisa: Lisa
[16:42] dreamcatchermja: Hello Lisa
[16:42] dreamcatchermja: So what would you like to know about me
[16:42] modgirllisa: Nothing.
[16:42] dreamcatchermja: Why?
[16:42] modgirllisa: Because you sound boring.
[16:43] dreamcatchermja: Whatever
[16:43] dreamcatchermja: I like to go to concerts, the beach, and I have jump off a bridge and more
[16:43] modgirllisa: That’s nice.
[16:43] modgirllisa: bye now.
[16:44] dreamcatchermja: I have played chicken with trains and I used to swim in Thunderstorms in Lake Michigan
[16:44] dreamcatchermja: I am Risk Taker so call me “Boring.”
[16:44] modgirllisa: First off, playing chicken with trains and swimming in thunderstorms is not being ‘edgy’ it’s being stupid
[16:44] dreamcatchermja: So you think you are a challenge or what?
[16:44] modgirllisa: and you are boring.
[16:45] dreamcatchermja: I don’t think so.
[16:45] dreamcatchermja: That is when I was young
[16:45] dreamcatchermja: Now I am working hard to have the finer things in life
[16:45] dreamcatchermja: I am going to own several mall businesses
[16:46] dreamcatchermja: So what do you for a living?
[16:47] dreamcatchermja: So what do you for fun?
[16:48] dreamcatchermja: I like to go to thh Beach, play sports, and dance
[16:51] dreamcatchermja: I’m sorry if offended you. Are you ok
[16:56] dreamcatchermja: So what kinds of things spark your interest?
[17:03] dreamcatchermja: I would like know more about you and your interest
[17:10] dreamcatchermja: So tell me something about you? What makes you so fun?
Now first off, I live in Wyoming, subburb of grand rapids, NOT the state 😉 Notice the time breaks, I’m not responding because he’s boring and I left the house and I come back and he’s talking to himself. Jesus christ on a pogostick.
Now, another person who IM’d me recently, YET another winner:
[02:40] beam_me_1: interesting list of interests
[02:40] modgirllisa: thanks
[02:42] beam_me_1: Nin to de Sade is quite a leap
[02:42] beam_me_1: profound to profane
[02:43] modgirllisa: not really
[02:43] beam_me_1: i m all ears
[02:44] modgirllisa: that’s a terrible thing to be
[02:46] beam_me_1: matter of opinion
[02:46] beam_me_1: i m all tongue too – at times
[02:47] modgirllisa: again, another terrible thing to be
[02:50] beam_me_1: and you are a sharp shooter
[02:53] modgirllisa: why thank you, i think
[02:54] beam_me_1: its easy to point and shoot – isn’t it?
[02:54] modgirllisa: well apparently not if you are still here.
[02:55] beam_me_1: i didnt say you were hitting the target
[03:01] beam_me_1: the lisa chronicles
[03:01] modgirllisa: can i help you with something?
[03:02] modgirllisa: or do you ljust like to repeat what is already clear?
[03:07] beam_me_1: what is clear is that no one is interested in mundane
daily lives when there is so much misery
[03:08] modgirllisa: no, what is clear that you are boring me.
[03:09] beam_me_1: or getting under your skin
[03:09] beam_me_1: who reads this?
[03:10] beam_me_1: that you brought a doggie bag home
[03:10] beam_me_1: no amount of school will cure that
[03:13] beam_me_1: it must feel good to feel important
[03:19] modgirllisa: it surely does.
[03:19] beam_me_1: i meant self-important
Here is another one just because it cracks me up:
[01:24] zepher46: …yeah..baby!!…
[01:25] modgirllisa: i’m sorry?
[01:26] zepher46: ….I mean like …YEAH..BABY!!!…
[01:34] modgirllisa: um, sure.
[02:08] zepher46: …later baby….right now its time for
And this one too:
[16:36] iamr0b0t: saw your butt
[16:36] modgirllisa: that’s nice.
[16:36] iamr0b0t: cute
[16:37] iamr0b0t: thats it
[16:37] modgirllisa: thanks. have a nice day.
[16:37] iamr0b0t: you too
[I had posted a pic of my ass on my website. The direct link is here.]
I mean, what the fuck? Heh. Yah and the time breaks are all not modified by me in any sense. But I just don’t GET it! I mean yes, some people would argue that I’m putting myself out there and thusly I can expect these kind of comments (like the ones who see Marquis de Sade and expect that I will be all about getting into BDSM and shit, on yahoo. Yes I like text bdsm. Oh yah baby! Don’t you see me hanging out in the porn forums all the time?) and then the ones who when I had tall people listed on my interests (since removed) at yahoo, would IM me and they would be these fetish super short guys who were looking to have wild sex with a tall female. And while yes, I could remove the interests and remove the website but you know, fuck it. I don’t have anything to hide and I’m very well versed in ignoring the lamers.
If you are not in the know, Thunderbird is the stand alone mail client that is spun off of Mozilla project (). Thanks to kethryvis and our mutual friend Gordon, I was able to figure out it maybe a bug (or a quirk):
I feel so proud!
My final training tonight for literacy training and I got a nify cert. I’m pretty excited. However, I may have fucked up my chances (I think anyways) because I approached the coordinator about a problem I’m having. It’s long been said that I might have a learning disablity because of how I act in certain situations (I can’t concentrate or focus, I have difficult with some tasks such as I’m more of a visual and tactile learner so that auditory learning such as in classrooms is difficult) and a few other things. Apparently there is a local
learning placement program that will test me and it is income based (as in i don’t have any so perhaps this wil be free!) . She seemed concerned and it’s not that I can’t read obviously or comprehend but I’m thinking perhaps they might not let me tutor because of this? I dunno, I’ll find out tomorrow when I call her 🙂
So fingers crossed!!
Damn, I’m done!