Minor Reno

Dear Internet,
As you do, I was meandering around the web recently and came across a site that had exquisite minimalist detailing for its presentation. I was so struck by how much I liked the design, I decided to dump my current design and start somewhat fresh to mimic what I had seen. Within a few hours, I found a similiar theme and the glory of it is how little I’ve had to hack it. It literally was plug and play. But if some things are broken, please let me know.
The struggle with me is I want the site to be primarily about my content and not about flash whiz bang design BUT I also want people who come here to easily find my contact info, and my other projects without having to hunt/peck too much. So a menu or widgets have to be in order in the theme, at least one or preferably both and they cannot be obnoxious in placement. But it seems theme designers are all or nothing – you can have ALL THE WIDGETS or ALL THE MENUS or you can have nothing. It’s annoying. This is why I warmed up to the current theme so quickly when I found it that it provided both in easy to find ways but did not over power the content.
Speaking of contact, I found out a week or two ago the contact form has been broken, and more than likely it’s been broken since the move over to the new provider. TheHusband is aware and we’re looking into it. If you need to reach me, you can find me via various social media outlets or you know, email me. (Interestingly, while I’ve always had my email address and other forms of contact prominent on the site for years, I received more notices from people via the form. Go figure.)
For those of you who are curious about the huge influx of The Lisa Chronicles entries showing up in the CCCs, I’ve been working steadily through the back log to get the content into site, but I seem to be stuck in 2003 or 2011.  It’s the luck of the draw of the backup.
Meandering through 2003 has been smile worthy as well as cringe worthy. There are one or two things I wish I had done differently, made a broader leap into the unknown but I console myself knowing unspoken agreements exist now and that it is understood it was always wanted but timing was always broken.
Love is everything.