Dear Internet,
I am spinning a lot of plates as of late and in my paper diary I definitely sound like I’m cra-cra.
I’m just, simply put, overwhelmed.
I’ve been having feelings it would be a good idea to step away from the blog, and social media, when possible. I’m not sure how long I’ll be gone from the blog — a week, a month, six months. I always come back — I’m too much of a narcissist not to.
In the interim, enjoy pics of Thursday the pug, the picture of me below in Valhalla, or better yet,


Lisa at Valhalla
lots of love,

This Day in Lisa-Universe: 2013, 1996

End of an Era

For a variety of reasons, I’ve decided this was a good time to retire EPbaB, at least for the unforeseen future.
Want to follow my exploits, meet me over at tumblr as Introducing Lisa. If you follow me on Facebook or anywhere else EPbaB posted to, you won’t miss a thing.

A moment of disclosure

Dear Internet,
I had been toying for months about putting up ways for people to patronize the site and I figured it was time to bite the bullet and get something officially up.
If you’re a frequent reader, you may have found yourself clicking on links to products on Amazon. These affiliate links have been in place for years (actually, for over a decade). In the interest of fair disclosure, you should know if you click on a link from on EPbaB and buy that item or click on an item and then shop and buy something else on Amazon, I get a 4-6% kickback, depending on the item.
As I am hoping to kick start a career doing consulting and freelance work in the next six or so months, any help would be greatly appreciated. While I haven’t made much from the affiliate links, some friends recently said they were more than happy to shop under an affiliate link when they do their Amazon shopping to give me the kick back. So I’m bringing it to the masses.
Thus! If you want to help, you can do so in the following ways:

  • Share content here across your social networks you find valuable, for the  more people who read me, the better! AND/OR
  • If you’re interested in any item I mention and I link to it at Amazon, click and buy  OR
  • If you don’t wish to buy the item, the cart started when you click will still give me a kick back if you buy something else OR
  • You can use a general link (Amazon) to get started, which is also available in the right hand navigation anytime OR
  • You can make a onetime or reoccurring donation via Gittip

I’ve got a few projects that I will hopefully be making available in the upcoming year to also help support me financially, so be on the look out for those!
There will never be ads on the site. I’ll more than likely never do product endorsements either, because I don’t think there is a big market for pen and paper geeks, office supply nerds, and other tchotchkes I’m fond of that will garner getting products. But just in case, when and if those product endorsements ever happen, I’ll let you know first thing.
If your unable to become a patron, don’t worry! Asking for help is always awkward business and I’ll be mindful of my requests in the future.
I thank you for your consideration!
Edit April 29, 2014: As GitTip is powered heavily by GitHub, who recently came under scrutiny  for the rampant sexism, I decided to ditch my GitHub account, therefore also eliminating my GitTip account.

Subscriptions now working

If you have subscribed to either of my blogs ( or via email OR have left me a comment via the contact form anytime since MARCH (I know, crazy) — you were not subscribed AND I did not get the comment. Turned out there was a bug in one of the plugins which wasn’t sending people subscribe emails or me the comments. It’s now been fixed! Go forth and subscribe/comment away!

Minor Reno

Dear Internet,
As you do, I was meandering around the web recently and came across a site that had exquisite minimalist detailing for its presentation. I was so struck by how much I liked the design, I decided to dump my current design and start somewhat fresh to mimic what I had seen. Within a few hours, I found a similiar theme and the glory of it is how little I’ve had to hack it. It literally was plug and play. But if some things are broken, please let me know.
The struggle with me is I want the site to be primarily about my content and not about flash whiz bang design BUT I also want people who come here to easily find my contact info, and my other projects without having to hunt/peck too much. So a menu or widgets have to be in order in the theme, at least one or preferably both and they cannot be obnoxious in placement. But it seems theme designers are all or nothing – you can have ALL THE WIDGETS or ALL THE MENUS or you can have nothing. It’s annoying. This is why I warmed up to the current theme so quickly when I found it that it provided both in easy to find ways but did not over power the content.
Speaking of contact, I found out a week or two ago the contact form has been broken, and more than likely it’s been broken since the move over to the new provider. TheHusband is aware and we’re looking into it. If you need to reach me, you can find me via various social media outlets or you know, email me. (Interestingly, while I’ve always had my email address and other forms of contact prominent on the site for years, I received more notices from people via the form. Go figure.)
For those of you who are curious about the huge influx of The Lisa Chronicles entries showing up in the CCCs, I’ve been working steadily through the back log to get the content into site, but I seem to be stuck in 2003 or 2011.  It’s the luck of the draw of the backup.
Meandering through 2003 has been smile worthy as well as cringe worthy. There are one or two things I wish I had done differently, made a broader leap into the unknown but I console myself knowing unspoken agreements exist now and that it is understood it was always wanted but timing was always broken.
Love is everything.

Exit, Pursued by a Bear is back!

Hey there!
I’m pleased as punch to announce EPbaB is back. TheHusband and I migrated the content and did the DNS cutover on March 30 to the new provider. The DNS migrated within a few hours and the site for the last two days has been super snappy. While everything is more or less in place, a few notes:
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Temporary Digs

Hey there.

Due to technical issues beyond my control, Exit, Pursued By A Bear, Libraries Everywhere, and Cunning Tales from a Systems Librarian have been almost completely inaccessible for over a month.

We’ve been working with my host provider to get the issue resolved, but as of March 16, 2013, there has been no resolution.

Because we’re now starting week 6 of domain inaccessibility, we are now in the process of testing out a new provider, and if successful, we’ll be transferring data and domains to the new provider in the upcoming weeks. The urls will remain the same and if you follow via RSS, the feed address will remain the same.

Since this has gone on for so long, and the testing/transferring is going to take time, I’ll be providing content at until the domains are moved and stabilized. The content will be cross-posted to Twitter and Facebook as always.

I apologize for any inconvenience.

I’ll update when/if a resolution has been found or when the move to the new provider has been complete.


Governing body: July 2012

Dear Internet,
I hate writing administrative posts. I think it’s because I am obsessive about being transparent while at the same time, I am not sure how many people really care about the back end of what is going on. However, there are times when I must swallow my own opinion and write because a lot of big changes have occurred.

  • An entry from early May 2012, Why I choose The Avengers over #TEDxGR, was written but never published. This entry is now live.
  • I’m experimenting with content posting to EPBaB, such as GoodReads and Instagram. How do you feel about this? Yes? No? You want pure written content or is streamlining content from other sources part of the all round experience? Let me know in the comments.
  • Also, if you did not know, EPBaB not only publishes to RSS, but also posts to its Facebook page and Tumblr. There will be no “SHARE THIS POST” below the post themselves or widgets to show likes or number of tweets. If cutting and pasting is beyond your capability, then you’re not the audience I want to relate to.
  • There will never be ads on this site. Ever. (Unless it’s for something I’m hawking which is completely different.)
  • Anything written under The Lisa Chronicles (thus anything written befeore June 12, 2012) will be listed as that category.

Domain flotsam and jetsam
[Insert long and boring explationation.]
tl;dr: If you subscribed to either or via email or RSS, those are now defunct and all the content on those domains is now here at
Unfortunately, I’m still working on importing comments.

  • Projects, active and stalled, are located on the project page (shocking!). Some projects, like Bagged & Boarded will have their own updates, which will be on the project page. You can so select the category, in the right hand navigation on any page, for a particular project to see what else I’ve written about that particular topic.
  • Writing has it’s own page, which will cover all the links. It too has it’s own category and specific writing projects will have their own categories as well.