pain (makes me beautiful)

my goil rynsey and i have figured out we were separated at birth. we think the same, act the same (sometimes) and have impeccable taste in men: Imhotep. darth maul. now mike.
twas strange how this worked out.
one day, i read my guestbook and i always go check out websites of those who sign my book. i find mikes. i read it. I’m impressed by his artwork. i email him. he emails me back. we do this for a few days. i don’t know notice there is a new person hanging out in #userfriendly. rynsey says something about his kick arse drawing. the light bulb goes on over my head. “dolemike ==”. he says “yesh”. and thus rynseys and i’s new obsession began. he’s tall, he’s cute, he’s a geek. what more could a girl ask for?
the funny thing was, he and i were talking and i mentioned i had given my resume to my friend greg who works at @Home for content writing. Mike said “Oh really!” I said “Yesh.” Seems that Midsouth Road Runner is looking for content writers too. I said “what the fsck!” and sent in my resume. Never been to Memphis, but what the hell, has got to beat SF.
rynsey and i really need to set up a timeshare on all our mens. pawly. brendan. imhotep. mike. darth maul. will the madness never end?

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