In July of 1997, I had gotten my tongue pierced. In January of 1998, I had taken it out. However, lately I’ve been watching my cube mate Matt gauge his down to a 2g. I wanted my piercing back. I scheduled an apt with Anne Greenblat to either taper my old hole back open or repierce it. Turned out that the hole was never closed and she put in a 5/8th’s bar with pretty purple beads.
While I was at it, I had her gauge down my nipple rings from a 14g to 12g. I could have, effectively, worn a 10g. However, she didn’t have them in matching colors. The new rings are now bright blue with blue beads, instead of being the lame stainless steel color they were before.
And of course, I have pictures.:
left nipple  tongue piercing
tattoo on right ankle
i look horrid.
I’ve recently become obsessed with my breasts: i keep thinking they are getting saggy. Justin keeps making snide comments about how they are not: they are perfect. He even said after I had unrobed in front of him at the piercers that he was going to say “Doesn’t she have the more exquisite breasts?”
I really, really need to move soon.
So, here is my left saggy breast with new ring (b/w cams do suck sometimes), me being tired with my new barbell and my tattoo. I’ve never had a picture of my tat up before. Kinda amusing that the symbol of what it is (Eye of Ra) flows into this whole Mummy theme this weekend. My friend Will has the same tat on his wrists, in much smaller format. He is my gawd. 🙂
Speaking of Egypt, I just saw the movie The Mummy this weekend. Fuck Brendan Frasier, I want Imhotep, High Evil Priest of Orsis.
We were sitting there at the movie theater and when the actor (Arnold Vosloo) took off his robe, I about creamed my panties: tall, bald, incredible body, intense dark eyes. I must have him. And the girl who played his love interest was gorgeous too. Okay, I’ll have them both. 😉
What I found so damn amusing is that the hole never closed, though it had only been open for about 6 months and nothing in the hole for about 16 months. When I had called Anne, she had described several procedures:

  • Either use a taper to widen the hole if possible (she had said this was the most painful) or!
  • Repierce in front of the existing hole.So when she slide the taper into the existing hole and viola! It was still open. She slide the new 5/8ths bar in and put on the pretty purple beads. I felt no pain. It was most strange.

What was also weird was that I had been expecting to have the same problems I had before: lisp, slight annoying tug of the bar against the meat of my tongue, etc etc etc. But I had nothing. It tugged for about 12 hours and it feels like I never took it out. I was also frightened about having to re-learn how to eat again, but that didn’t occur either. The body is truly marvelous thing.
My breasts I had gauged down from a 14g to a 12g. Anne thinks by the next time I come in, I should be able to gauge down to a 8g. My whole reasoning was to stretch the holes to provide spacing for two rings, nesting inside one another. However, I recently saw a picture of a double nipple piercing and it looks exquisite. I want that, I think.
What I’m planning next is two outter upper labial piercings. From Anne’s description, it’s like better than ben wai balls AND rocks for fucking doggy style.
I begged her to stop telling me such things since I’m single now.I’ve just spent an inordinate amount of time here.
It is NOT for the faint/weak at heart.
I also came to the conclusion looking at some other pierced female nipples, that my breasts are pretty extraordinary.
You have been warned.
Gash, it’s strange. It’s like watching a car wreck or some other national disaster. I’m also finding myself highly aroused.
Damn don’t I just feel like plain vanilla today.
I think I’ll take my vanilla ass to bed and continue on tomorrow.
here toto!

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