ranting: or why i’m getting annoyed with the whole “generation x” feel good books, websites, cutesy domain names and anything else i can think of

rynsey came over tonight to keep me busy while the boys were watching rasslin’. She and I walked around Safeway and two bookstores gossiping about people magazine (where are they now? issue), thanking god that we weren’t watching the PPV and various other topics. The topic at one point came up to web logging, journals, curtsey domains, and the like:
Ryns and i were sitting here looking for bras online when i piped up about the curtsey domain names: “Do they just pick out random names from the dictionary, hop over to internic and get a .org after it?” rynsey just shook her head and laughed. she had an explanation for most of the websites i was naming (on why they were named for such), but it seems to me that the trend recently isn’t just getting a cool domain, but getting a domain with any old word or a word you are fond of (however it seems that some of the words i would be interested in using for a domain are taken already by the same said group i am talking about here).
i spend hours upon hours checking these damn websites out. it’s almost an obsession with me. going through blog’s list of “who just blogged freshly” i check to see who has a “cool” domain and who doesn’t. if the blog is on a “free” site (like GeoCities or tripods or crosswinds), i will not check out the site. i am, an internet elitist. (i also do the same thing for diaryland.com as well as other websites for zines/journals/diaries — i check to see the domain name first before i go to see the site).
this goes without saying, that i’m bored with the current trend of things on the web.
i’m bored with going to websites and finding projects started and never finished or never explained why they were abandoned (like teethmag.com for instance). i’m finding it harder and harder to find good information or sites worth reading without finding something similar to someone else’s site. i came across this one only to have Paul and a few people who were standing behind me ask me wasn’t that a site i had already done. when it wasn’t but carried some of i’m also scared about a new idea i came up with as i had found a zine that had the idea, ran with it and has even down to the marketing idea we were thinking for verbosity already in place.
now, you have to understand my thinking: if i see something, i don’t think to make it better or think to make it different — i just wonder why people want the choice — because we have so much available to me. why have three different restaurants offering hamburgers (mickey d’s, burger king and wendys) when one is enough? i’ve thought this way for years. and it’s hard for me to make the distinction — and even more so (however, i’m the connoisseur¬†of pens. pentel rsvps in fine point blue please) now as i get older — i keep thinking: who am i, what do i like, and what do i want.