paul’s parents have left and i’ll save that for when i’m more coherent. i just finished a project (albeit a small one) that i’ve been working on this evening. the concept is called “a self portal” and it is situated on and i just wrote the readme file for it, and that is tonight’s entry (i’m lazy and full of good japanese food — fuck off).
what the hell is a “self portal”?
i asked myself that several times when i came up with the idea, but it basically boils down to this:
in 1996 i registered my first domain, (which you are looking at now). initially, it was just your usual catchall personal homepage bullshit with my writings, bs, pictures and what not. starting in late 1997, i registered and had decided to start doing “consulting work” and make .com the “business” page and .org the journal. later, .com just became a referrer for the .org and the .org became the lisa chronicles.
the lisa chronicles was the start of an almost daily journal that was included previous ‘zine work i had one as well as updates that i was doing more frequently (about 3x a week). In 1998 i had registered as a joke and as a personal narsative on daily fragments. this brought my stable of domains up to four.
in 1999, when paul and i had moved in together, that required a new domain: geek- which then lead to being registered for our friends locally. soon i became tired of being associated with the word simunye (zulu/xosha for “we are one”) and registered as the new home for the journal. and lastly, in early 2000, i registered as a new ‘zine i was going to be working on with several people (it, obviously, never got off the ground).
this brings the grand total to eight domains.
having that many domains (and not doing jack with them) started to bother me. and were being updated (modgirl more so than bitchasshoe). novageeks was going to be static and geek-haus, simunyecom/org and verbosity i had no idea what the fuck to do with.
i started mapping out what each domains worth was to me and what i had envisioned. it broke down to the following:

  • daily (well almost daily) journal of my life
  • : running commentary on current events
  • daily fragments that didn’t fit anywhere
  • local updates for the Northern Virginia area
  • my “personal” website
  • : lisa and paul: uncensored
  • portals

the idea of a “portal” became necessary as a way of explaining how my mind works (many tangents at once), my different interest and likes without jamming it into one page. someone may like one page and not the others or what have you. having a portal to link to the many websites made it easier for me (it is all about me) without having to figure out where everything was going. also, anyone who is a “fan” (and i use that term loosely) will be able to see so many sides to me.
cheesy? perhaps. but it sure beats having to go through one webpage through link via link via link to crap.
the website breaks down into the following parts:

  • online opinions: areas where i distribute my wealth of knowledge publicly. each link takes you to my main user page where you can read my opine on books, local dc crap, movies and what not.
  • on-line journals: broken down by “genre” this takes you to the sites where i do majority of my writing.
  • wish list: you know, if you feel like you love me and want to send me presents.
  • misc.: stuff that doesn’t fit anything in particular.
  • mailing lists: mailing lists i run or co-run that you may participate in.
  • local: these are going to be sites on the domain i have created in reference to personal interests and likes. i hope to bring a more educated and informative section to things that matter to me.

if you have any questions, please feel free to email me and give me comments, hellos or what not.