Returneth. Sorta.

just found out that a good portion of people have not received the invite to TLC. I just sent out a massive BCC list and I figured I’d send this out as well… 😉
Can you believe it’s been TEN YEARS since this all started? Well, technically 10 years but the TLC as we all know and love, it’s been eight long years. Many men, countries and cities. And pugs, can’t forget the pugs. And alcohol. Lot’o’alcohol.
If you don’t remember me, I run the online journal over at (nee It’s been awhile hasn’t it? It has. I can’t tell you how long as I’VE LOST ALL MY FREAKING EMAIL (more or less) and I’m remiss to say it’s been ages. You guys started out with me when I was a spunky 24 year old and now I’m a misanthropic 34 year old. Wiser and definitely have more tattoos. And shorter hair. And I still hate the world, to some degree or another, but hey, that’s the way the cookie crumbles.
If you haven’t been keeping up with me (and I know some of you have, it is almost eery how many email address I recognize putting together this BCC list), in short, this is what is going on: I’m back living in GR, finished college in ’05 and started graduate school that summer. I’ll be receiving my M.A. in the spring of ’08 ($deity willing), single, still have the damn pugs and I sling books for a living while I attend school. I travel a lot, bitch about moronic people a lot, plan world domination and the whole nine yards.
And how are you? Seriously, tell me. 🙂
So, what has happened is this: Moe, the guy that ran, emailed all of his cliental that they were going to be charging for services for a very reasonable price. However, I currently have other hosting with Dreamhost, so Moe and I hashed it out and decided that I’d just move over to Dreamhost and viola, no problems. Well, there was, you see. Little did I know that in the long days since I worked at UUNet, that DNS propagation, which used to take days, is now done in 3-4 hours. So I didn’t have time to email the list, etc, about the move. The only bright thing I did was save the list to a txt file for future use.
I’m now doing TLC via dreamhost, and I imported the list and sent out an invite. A number of people signed up, but, I found out that also a lot of people didn’t get the invite. Hence the BCC.
So, in short, if you wish to resubscribe, email me and I’ll resend the invite. If you don’t, no worries, just ignore this email. Make sure to add to your whitelist/addressbook so it doesn’t get tagged by your client/server as spam/junk. You can reach me at this address ( anytime.
I love you all. Thanks for being with me.
PS: If you’re into LJ, i’m located at , but, I’m planning on coming back to TLC with a vengeance. I swear.