smack my ass and call me sally

Friday (3/14), I have another psuedo date with Danny. Don’t get your panties in a bunch, while the elation of the kiss still lingers, there are MANY reasons why it would never work out between us (you know that whole he’s living with a lisa-look alike kinda kills it).
but then i got my horroscope for tomorrow:
Your Daily Horoscope for March 14, 2003
Dear lisa,
A passionate encounter with a love partner might cement the bond between you so thoroughly, lisa, that the two of you could start talking commitment, or even weddings. A romantic haze may permeate your interactions throughout the day, which feels very good. Still, you need to exercise some restraint in expressing your feelings. Hitting your friend with too much at once could have the opposite effect from what you’re hoping for. Be patient!
You know, my damn horroscope has been saying I was going to fall in love with someone from another country and now this schiz. You’ve GOT to be kidding!