Today when I was driving to work, I was having problems with getting across the Bay Bridge. My eye, though seemingly better, was super sensitive to the light, and I kept wanting to swerve as I drove. The more I drove across the bridge, the worse I began to feel.
Suddenly, I saw myself go over the cement embankment and into the cold bay water. In my minds eye, I saw my car go over the bridge, projecting an almost perfect dive. I saw myself rolling up my windows quickly, as to not be engulfed by the cold water, and once my car had gone beneath the waves, I saw myself roll down the windows and swim out to surface. I was still wearing my glasses, and I was still clutching my butt-ugly green purse.
Sometimes, premonitions scare me. And I always feel like either I am really alive when I’m zooming across the bridge, or else I won’t make it across for some reason.