A moment of disclosure

Dear Internet,
I had been toying for months about putting up ways for people to patronize the site and I figured it was time to bite the bullet and get something officially up.
If you’re a frequent reader, you may have found yourself clicking on links to products on Amazon. These affiliate links have been in place for years (actually, for over a decade). In the interest of fair disclosure, you should know if you click on a link from on EPbaB and buy that item or click on an item and then shop and buy something else on Amazon, I get a 4-6% kickback, depending on the item.
As I am hoping to kick start a career doing consulting and freelance work in the next six or so months, any help would be greatly appreciated. While I haven’t made much from the affiliate links, some friends recently said they were more than happy to shop under an affiliate link when they do their Amazon shopping to give me the kick back. So I’m bringing it to the masses.
Thus! If you want to help, you can do so in the following ways:

  • Share content here across your social networks you find valuable, for the  more people who read me, the better! AND/OR
  • If you’re interested in any item I mention and I link to it at Amazon, click and buy  OR
  • If you don’t wish to buy the item, the cart started when you click will still give me a kick back if you buy something else OR
  • You can use a general link (Amazon) to get started, which is also available in the right hand navigation anytime OR
  • You can make a onetime or reoccurring donation via Gittip

I’ve got a few projects that I will hopefully be making available in the upcoming year to also help support me financially, so be on the look out for those!
There will never be ads on the site. I’ll more than likely never do product endorsements either, because I don’t think there is a big market for pen and paper geeks, office supply nerds, and other tchotchkes I’m fond of that will garner getting products. But just in case, when and if those product endorsements ever happen, I’ll let you know first thing.
If your unable to become a patron, don’t worry! Asking for help is always awkward business and I’ll be mindful of my requests in the future.
I thank you for your consideration!
Edit April 29, 2014: As GitTip is powered heavily by GitHub, who recently came under scrutiny  for the rampant sexism, I decided to ditch my GitHub account, therefore also eliminating my GitTip account.