GVSU has my file still on, well file and I can go in the spring if I want. I also have to swap out my financial aid, which isn’t that big of issue. They took my brothers 72 credits from his old Uni so I should have 76 after the fall if I go to the GVSU in the spring. The cost is HALF of what Aquinas is and it’s not the money issue but the SHEER lack of BS of hoops I’ve had to jump through at this piece of shit college. This would mean my brother and I would be attending the same college and he is probably one semester ahead of me in graduation. heh.
Maintance called and apparently the guy had the same problem at another location so they are researching this. No one else has filed a claim (not even the guy upstairs whom I went banging on his door earlier to tell him I had — bastard). I just can’t even begin to comprehend this bs. ugh.