things I have written

Dear Internet, It’s been a busy week over here in Lisa-Universe. For starters, the written word pieces I mentioned a few weeks ago, published. The first piece, “How To Divorce Your Mother In Three Easy Steps,” is available over at The piece proved to be pretty popular. That was pretty exciting. The second piece published,Continue reading “things I have written”

notes for cabinet particulier, part iii: sorting the research

Dear Internet, As planned, I got up early and headed into Traverse City to get Jeeves’ tires attended to. I called the local BMW dealership and was told, despite confirmation from MINI Grand Rapids and the TC BMW receptionist, they do NOT service MINIs. His suggestion? Take my car to MINI Grand Rapids. When IContinue reading “notes for cabinet particulier, part iii: sorting the research”

the gods ruffled their skirts

Dear Internet, It’s late and I’ve just come back inside after hanging out on the front deck for a bit. It’s dark out; the kind of dark that is so deep and black, even the pin pricks made by the stars seem like interlopers to the night. The kind of night made for Jason Voorhees.Continue reading “the gods ruffled their skirts”