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I just finished doing my taxes. Woopie! 🙂 See, when I lived in the state of Michigan, if I didn’t get my city/state/federal forms sent to me, I could either go to the library or the post office to pick them up. Since neither Justin nor myself received our forms this year, we went to the library and the post office to pick them up. NEITHER places had forms. They both said that I had to go to the IRS building, in downtown Oakland, to pick up said forms. Which of course is only open for four hours a day, every other Tuesday and Thursday and the hours are like from 10-3, which won’t work because I’m in class! So, fuck that.
I downloaded and used TurboTax, and having my taxes electronically filed. It’s kind of rad. Sitting here in my jammies doing this all on line. Since I only had one W-2 and the report for my student interest loan, i was done in 10 minutes. I had of course figured it out on paper before hand. No use getting worked up over freaking tax time unless I was getting money back from the MAN!
Women’s clothing. I know I know, we beat this into the ground before. But it just irks the living PISS out of me about how designers decide on sizing. Last night, Justin and I had gone to the mall and just went window looking. Found a shirt that would have been totally rad to wear to a party I was *supposed* to go tonight. Figured that since Cathleen and I were planning on making a shirt out of some material I have, I decided *not* to get it (or the matching skirt). Wake up this morning, and do errands. Cathleen doesn’t have enough time to make the shirt — that’s fine, I can go purchase it at the mall. Drive to the mall and buy said shirt along with a matching skirt and pants. Come home and try them on. NOTHING FIT! I had grabbed the right size, but it was still _too_ small. Cathleen loved the shirt. She tried it on and it fit her! She’s a size M and I’m an XL. Does this shit make any fucking sense to you whatsoever?
A few months (or 6) ago, Justin and I had gone to another mall and bought a skirt at a shop. The skirt was labeled 3XL. It was a store that was dedicated to funky fashions for us voluptuous women. Get home, the skirt is a size too _small_. 3XL. I started having issues. Cathleen tried on the skirt, and it fit her JUST FINE!
It just doesn’t make sense!
back in December, for Christmas, danny had gotten my belly button pierced. this wasn’t the first time it was done — i had it pierced in january of 1996 in pennsylvania. however, over time, since the piercing was so shallow, it had eventually became painful as it started to migrate out.
when i had gone to get it done the second time around, ryne (piercer extraodinair) had pierced above the old scar tissue and made it more deep. now he didn’t express any concern for it. other than using a barbell other than a hoop would be better for me as well as making sure that i was taking care of it.
it’s starting to migrate again.
it frustrates me because i really love having it pierced — however it’s getting extremely painful. when i kept checking it, i realized that it had migrated to the point that it was now below the scar tissue — not above it when ryne had pierced it. i tried having Justin take it out — but his fingers were to big to grasp the balls at the end of the barbells. cathleen finally took it out for me. it was humorous. i was standing above the heater in our living room as she pushed and prodded the barbell to loosen it. my robe gaped open and i stood there wincing.
however, i am too fucking stubborn. i still have all my jewelry from when i had various other body parts pierced, so i was able to slide a 16g hoop through the hole a few hours later. I can’t get the suspension ball on, but I’m keeping it pierced goddamnit! if it looks like it’s going to eventually come out of my flesh — then I will remove it. I really want to keep it pierced goddamnit. I think though what I will end up doing is piercing the bottom of the belly button or going horizontal through it. I think I like that idea much better. I never had problems with anything else being pierced — I don’t know WHY it keeps migrating out.
the irony of this is that recently the AMA released along with the ADA a study on tongue piercing, saying it could lead to AIDS and other blood born diseases. WTF?
Now I realize that tongue piercing isn’t for everyone — however the chief concern for people who plan on doing it is the “problems” with dental care and what not to their teeth. Horror stories have filtered back (thanks to the interweb) about how people have chipped, loosen, swallowed teeth due to a piercing that was done incorrectly. My own piercing was done safely at the most respected place in the Bay area. However, I have a small mouth (gee –) and even though I kept sizing down the gauge and the length of the barbell, it was still too big for my mouth. I suddenly got worried about the repercussions of what was going to happen — my mother paid 10k for my dental work (braces, and what not) and I love my teeth. So 7 months later, out I took the barbell out for good.
I want to get it repierced again — but chances are I probably will not. I know that if I move back to Michigan, Danny has the hookup at a few good bod-mod places — they were the ones who did my nipples originally.
I first started using neoplanet as a browser last summer when it was first released. For some reason, I took it off my system. However, taking a look at their website and seeing how they had improved it, I decided to download and run it again. It is only 2MB in size. I’m not kidding. It however uses IE’s engine as the background process — which blows big fat hairy balls. But, i love the look and feel of how it works. So, my pages shouldn’t look any different to you — and I still have netscape on my system. If, however, you encounter an problem, please let me know!
I’ve been thinking for awhile about giving back to those who have helped supported me since I’ve been doing the lisa chronicles. So i decided that the coolest thing to give would be t-shirts to all the subscribers of the list. T-shirts are cool — we all love them. So what better way to honor those who helped me then to give them something back?
Here is the deal:

  1.  There is currently 15 people subscribed to the list. Once I have hit 25 (I might change this to 50) subscribers by February 28th, 1999, I will be sending out an announcement to the list on gathering info (mailing address and t-shirt size).
  2. If I don’t hit my mark by that said date, I’ll be sending out an email anyway to those subscribed to the list and requesting specific information. Any t-shirts left (I make 50 shirts, there are 10 left as only 40 people are subscribed), will be SOLD for the cost of the shirt plus shipping and handling.
  3. Recap: If you want a shirt, and you are on the list, you get one FREE. If you are not on the list, and want a shirt, you will have to PAY for it.

The shirts will be cool. I’ve already done the design. It’s just a matter of me buying the supplies and making them.
Some things to consider:

  • Going over the hit mark (25 or 50): At this point, I will do it on a first come first served basis. If I get more requests then what I’ve stipulated, I will work out a trade agreement or barter or something. I’m po’, so I can’t afford obviously to give shirts to everyone.
  • Concern over privacy: this is understandable. I run four mailing lists and I have never had the inclination to sell my subscribers to anyone. I hate spam just like anyone else. If you don’t want me to know that you are reading this (as I’m familiar at who is coming to the site by dns/ip number — not necessarily the person) then I guess you lose out 🙂

If I’m leaving anything out, please let me know. I’ll add more as I think about this.
This is obviously a blatant request to get more subscribers to the list as well as readership. But no one said i had morals or ethics! 😉
Now, don’t be sending me information on how you want a shirt and blah blah blah now. Wait till February 28th or subscribe to the damn list! 😉

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