wired, se7en, and me

There is obviously more to the story then what is being said.
My few comments in the article doesn’t show the nearly 2 hours of interviewing and email between me and Steve Silberman. there is a completely different story that isn’t being printed, and hopefully, at this point, it will get out. my reaction to the article is that i think Steve did a fab job — however se7en isn’t the mature nor the “grown up” he claims to be. while i realize journalistic integrity, but se7en comes out smelling like a rose much more then he needs to.
the main question i have received as to “why” i “dissed” se7en:
when you live with someone who not only lied to you, to your mutual friends, dismissed his own friendships along having a tendency to be completely sadistic: you wish them nothing but bad karma. se7en knew he lied not only about the kiddie-porn, but about everything. he would tell me things about his past, his friendships, peers that would be absolute and blatant lies. He would make me ‘promise’ not to say anything — and yet my own discreet searching found out that nothing he said matched — and when confronted would claim that it had been covered up or distorted to conceal the truth.
this was longtime in coming. se7en and i have been broken up for nearly two years — so it’s not the disgruntled girlfriend bit.
if anything, the one lesson i want everyone to learn is that do not always believe what you read. no matter who publishes it. do your own research and find out the truth yourself — because it is out there. (queuing up X-files music).
this site has gone from receiving 25-50 unique hits a day to a unique hit every 30 seconds since the story broke at 3am PST. If you are having problems pulling up anything on the site, smack me on the ass and let me know.
PS: update: 1:41 PM
Getting lots of email from “supporters” and comments from others. Received an email from Adam at Forbes who has requested that I post an open letter that he wants the world to see. There it is. 🙂
Steve posted an update to the original story. Nothing new — basically he calls Christian a “fraud”. 🙂 Score!
blatant self promotion
I’ve been thinking for awhile about giving back to those who have helped supported me since I’ve been doing the lisa chronicles. So i decided that the coolest thing to give would be t-shirts to all the subscribers of the list. T-shirts are cool — we all love them. So what better way to honor those who helped me then to give them something back?
Here is the deal:

  1. There is currently 28 people subscribed to the list. Once I have hit 50 subscribers by February 28th, 1999, I will be sending out an announcement to the list on gathering info (mailing address and t-shirt size).
  2. If I don’t hit my mark by that said date, I’ll be sending out an email anyway to those subscribed to the list and requesting specific information. Any t-shirts left (I make 50 shirts, there are 10 left as only 40 people are subscribed), will be SOLD for the cost of the shirt plus shipping and handling.
  3. Recap: If you want a shirt, and you are on the list, you get one FREE. If you are not on the list, and want a shirt, you will have to PAY for it.

The shirts will be cool. I’ve already done the design. It’s just a matter of me buying the supplies and making them.
Some things to consider:

  • Going over the hit mark: At this point, I will do it on a first come first served basis. If I get more requests then what I’ve stipulated, I will work out a trade agreement or barter or something. I’m po’, so I can’t afford obviously to give shirts to everyone.
  • Concern over privacy: this is understandable. I run four mailing lists and I have never had the inclination to sell my subscribers to anyone. I hate spam just like anyone else. If you don’t want me to know that you are reading this (as I’m familiar at who is coming to the site by dns/ip number — not necessarily the person) then I guess you lose out 🙂

If I’m leaving anything out, please let me know. I’ll add more as I think about this.
This is obviously a blatant request to get more subscribers to the list as well as readership. But no one said i had morals or ethics! 😉
Now, don’t be sending me information on how you want a shirt and blah blah blah now. Wait till February 28th or subscribe to the damn list! 😉
PS: update: 7:49 PM PST
20+ new subscribers to the chronicles.
700+ unique hits.
Shitload of email.
I’ve been totally and utterly fascinated by watching people come and go. I don’t know what I was expecting — but again I’m not letting this eat up my life. I’ve been responding to email for the most part of the day — and now it’s nearing 8pm and I still haven’t finished my physics that is due on Wednesday (in which I will probably have a test — fail — and I can blame it on my own damn self for not having the will to stop mucking with the site and doing email). But anyway, a lot of positive feedback — a lot of new subscribers — a lot of contact from old friends I haven’t spoken to in years.
I don’t know what the fuck is going to happen next — several people are referring me to being famous. hardly. i am what i am. i have a story (or 10 or 15) to tell — i happened to believe in the truth and i happen to think that this time is the most right of any.
the one thing i’ve been promising myself, long before jericho or shipley joined in the fray was sitting down and writing the story myself — publish it on my site and sit back and let the cookies crumbs fall as they may. i’m bewildered by the sudden popularity and also the kind words (again — the article doesn’t show but a few comments on 2+ hours of interviewing I did) from strangers calling me a “hero”. beats me — i like to think i’m extraordinary — but — doesn’t everyone else?
i’m surprised I didn’t hear from a few people — namely Christian and CPM. But that doesn’t surprise me. Christian named me as being the only “witness” to his attacks and I derailed that. CPM offers unflattering information about me in her book – based on the fact that “se7en hurt you” deal. Jericho says that there is nothing I can do to stop it — obviously the book is already in fucking print!
blatant self promotion
several (like october) months ago — a friend of mine found it hard to keep up with TLC via web — so he inquired about an email version. I set one up — and invited those who were interested to sign up. Mainly people I knew or knew of signed up — no big deal.\
A few weeks ago — i thought “wouldn’t it be great that if i could give something back to those who gave to me?” and came up with the t-shirt idea. So I proposed a project: 50 subscribers by february 28th would get a t-shirt. however, the problem is that many people, since the article came out, s*bbed to the list _basically_ for the shirt. that kind of pisses me off.

  • I can only afford 50 shirts. I’m full time student and working full time. A lot of people have been behind me since this has been around in 1995 (yes not a typo). I feel that it’s only fair to them to give something back.
  • 20 new subscribers today ALONE. one person even went so far as emailing me his snail mail address to get a shirt now. Hello! the shirts aren’t going to be made until the end of the month! goddamnit.

So here is the new deal. The offer still stands for the first 50 people who subscribe. Anyone after that up until February 28th will be given the option to either buy, at cost, the shirt or barter. I love books/music. I need more books music. One of these years i’ll put a wish list up and people can pick and choose from that. sounds fair? So if you are interested in signing up — be forewarned that if you are after 50 — then no free shirt.
fizics is calling me.
i have to get off the damn interweb.